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It is unaffiliated with Twitter and was announced by former Vine co-founder, Dom Hofmann. With each rewatch, the user would focus on a different part to see what they may have missed in the last loop, and by doing so stretched time longer than simply watching a six-second video once. Only recently has Tik Tok gained a big following. These videos were among the earliest accounts of the racial tensions in Ferguson, kommentar reg dating sites and helped bring national attention to the situation.

Many monetary sources began to move to longer short video platforms and with them followed many popular Vine creators. Other companies developed a more personal connection with consumers using their six-second videos.

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As with Vine, Instagram videos loop and have no playback controls by default. This also allowed fans of different brands to show off their loyalty to the brand and in turn advertised the brand from a different perspective, this may have included makeup videos and the like.

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Platforms such as Instagram began to introduce their own takes on the short video angle, such as Instagram Video, where users were able to upload second videos to their profiles. The camera would record only while the screen is being touched, enabling users to edit on the fly or create stop motion effects.

Vine was hailed for being a space that allowed for black creatives to thrive, allowing them to show off their talents in a free application that anyone could use or see. Marketers leaving the platform were also an enormous part of the decision by Twitter to discontinue Vine.