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Apples that you find in baskets also count. You won the race, and the Turner Family owns the town again, so you have all your resources. In some Quests the train will automatically deliver food, but you have to have the storage capacity to hold it.


West across the river in the Bandit hideout where you rescue the Buffalo. When achieving certain goals, the player receives rewards. It will just look like a regular big log. This Quest will remain in incomplete status until you have done all of the other required Quests for the Hostage Rescue Mission, freed all of the hostages, and taken them all to the edge of town.

Your Hero and gunslingers can also hunt Deer and Rabbits for food. There is more than one way to buy this game. The cheese will appear on the ground outside the pen. They will not heal on their own.

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Begin the Bandit Bounty optional Quest. Have the other build a well and a Farm and start working on the Farm. Have a citizen or your Hero pick up the box and deliver it to the train station. You should find the Coal Mine blueprints in a blue crate, but only if the second Coal Miner has already told you about them.

This does not count your Hero, gunfighters, or visitors. There are two pressure plates, one on each side of the stockade. Now walk across the bridge to the east. You must first build a farm, and most likely you will want to build houses for additional workers also. You will have to use the Railroad Route Map in the center of the Info Bar at the top of the screen to get there.

Kill it, and you will get a message about it probably having buried the necklace. Then build the bridge going west. Second, a building which is partially damaged will produce less output.

Have your Hero or a Citizen take each box to the canyon. Now go to any farm you own. That means you'll have to create jobs, supply food, build homes, interact with hundreds of townsfolk and, of course, deal with outlaws. When there are Bandits too close to the last stretch of road back to the town, have your Hero walk back in that direction to distract them, then walk back towards the center of the upper path again. From a Ranch that has Cows.

The Blue Key is in a treasure chest directly to the left of the stockade. This might be a good time to look into fishing, as it produces a lot of food more quickly than farming, although for a limited time.

Make sure you read this, as it often includes information about what tasks you need to do for each Quests, and it will remind you of optional Quests you have started but not completed. The barrel is in the river just north of the railroad bridge that crosses over to the west. Bandits are enemies who will shoot at your Hero or Gunfighters if they see them and are close enough. Fight your way to the blue door and try to talk to the hostages. Some are secret and you may not find them the first time you play.

However, you can chain build commands. From here you will be able to wade through the river and come up in the south east quadrant. Move your Hero to the Train Conductor. Apples can be found loose on the ground in areas where trees have been planted.

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This fossil will only be available if you choose to ransom Father. For Anne, this is in the upper right. Now build that last Coal Mine and employ just this Citizen there until he has become a skilled Miner. Gunfighters can pick up loose nuggets.

Right-click on the chest, and it will open. As long as your Hero gets out alive, you can continue the Quest. You will automatically start either the Father Ransom Quest or the Father Rescue Quest depending on whether you chose to pay or fight. Grab some Deputies and do a house to house search. This is the key to many of the Quests.

You will see a place where there is a heavy weight remember the ones from Pressure Plates? Collect items for the Citizen as requested. Walk with the Buffalo back to the green field and the Quest will be complete. Some versions have an optional Quest, Hired Help, where you just hire some of the local Bounty Hunters. Have your Hero run back out the gate.

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This Quest is triggered by talking to the people at the Ranch. The easiest way to feed him is just to use the initial supplies available when you get off the train. You need Citizens for that. Each time you find Hostages, you must escort them to the town limits. This is triggered by winning the Train Race in an Expansion Town.

Shockwave has games for everyone! The player can choose three pioneers, each giving a special bonus in the game. Late in the game one permanent Visitor will arrive who will be available for hire to work on railroad maintenance tasks. Because this Mission takes place between towns, you get to bring your Main Town gunfighters with you.

Many experienced Westward players create a Save File when things are going great. Remember there is no pick-up chaining in Westward. Prince Fenwick and Princess Catherine roam the countryside as they seek the guidance of friendly Kings, Countesses, Dukes, alvin and the chipmunks 2 mp3 and loyal subjects in Westward Kingdoms.