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Wendell, who has matured on his journey, pardons the trolls after the death of their father. The journey continues and the team now travels in a boat trying to find Acorn the Dwarf that has the Magic Traveling Mirror. In a panic, the transformed Wendell flees through the Prison and stumbles across a traveling mirror in a storage room.

Pages using infobox television with editor parameter. She wants to rule the nine kingdoms, and thinks she's won once all the guests drop. Virginia confronts the Evil Queen and tries to find any loving kindness in her, but the Queen tries to kill her. Virginia and Wendell also escape. Wendel, by means of a magic mirror, escapes into a hitherto-unknown Tenth Kingdom modern day New York City and meets Virginia and her father Tony.

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Virginia defends herself with the Queen's poisoned comb, and is heartbroken that she had to kill her own mother. Audible Download Audio Books. Films directed by David Carson. As a backup plan, the Queen also half-enchants and releases a half-wolf prisoner called Wolf and sends him to retrieve the Prince. But it was wonderful, I grew up reading about Snow White and fantasizing about being the fairest of them all, and there I was.

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Snow White by the Brothers Grimm. In the dungeon, Tony reveals to Virginia that her mother had tried to drown Virginia the night she left.

However, Wolf spends that money on an engagement ring and a romantic dinner for Virginia so he can propose to her. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As a prisoner, Tony's forced to toss the magical mirror onto a garbage scow along with a lot of other junk from the prison storage rooms.

It's clear he can understand what she's saying. Pursued by the trolls, Wendell drags Virginia back to the park, leading her to the magical mirror. In the park, they meet up with Tony. Everything looked and sounded real.

Meanwhile, Wendell tries to get them to help him get his own body back, and the trolls continue to chase the group. The Queen has her imposter Prince Wendell who still looks like the Prince crowned king and then serves food poisoned by Wolf to the royal guests. In other projects Wikiquote. To escape the trolls and the police, they leap through the mirror and travel to The Nine Kingdoms, where they end up in the prison's storage room.

But an evil once-queen has freed herself from prison, and turns the prince into a golden retriever. The bean grants Tony six wishes. Virginia and Tony are in the dungeon of Prince Wendell Castle, and Virginia is devastated by her mother's actions. Heartbroken, Wolf parts from the group. Tony's second-to-last wish results in him being pursued by the police.

This movie can actually take you to any of the nine kingdoms to explore with them. It was broadcast in the United Kingdom on Sky One.

But Wolf hadn't actually thrown over his loyalty. David Carson Herbert Wise. The real Prince Wendell touches the fake one, and each is restored to their true form. In Tony and Virginia's apartment, Wolf sees Virginia's photo and falls in love with her. For instance, our Cinderella is now years old.

The 10th Kingdom

They travel to the castle to confront the Evil Queen. Also on that date, it was made available on Amazon.

Wolf bribes Tony with a magical wishing bean in exchange for Virginia's location. Grateful to Tony for all his help, Prince Wendell offers Tony a job at the palace, which he accepts. Virginia, Tony, and Wendell find out there are other magic mirrors, possibly another traveling mirror, so they journey to a remote cave complex to find another one. Wolf and the trolls follow shortly after and leave the prison before the prison authorities revive from their magical sleep.

In a magical realm, mobile gif animation fairy tale characters inhabit nine kingdoms where an Evil Queen plots to rule them. If I had the opportunity to watch this movie all of the time then I would.

In a lover's town, the group finds the mirror for sale at an auction, and earns enough money to buy it. She gives Virginia an enchanted hand mirror and grant's Virginia's wish that her father be healed. Virginia and Wolf return to New York City. In the cave complex, Tony's bad luck causes him to break many other magic mirrors and to fall into a hole where he breaks his back.

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Meanwhile, The Evil Queen prepares the false Wendell's coronation. And Camryn took her part because she loved the idea that Snow White was now overweight. She's outraged that he squandered their chance to get back to normal life and rejects Wolf. Variety's Laura Fries Feb. The wish is granted, but only he can understand Wendell, not Virginia.

At the prison, the Troll King puts everyone to sleep with magic dust and frees the Evil Queen. See the special features section on Tony for Christine's maiden name. And I live on the edge of the forest. Wolf joins the group and does his best to charm Virginia into returning his love.

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Goofs After Tony brings Virginia the pink sheep, the neckline on her dress suddenly changes from high to low cut. His defiance prompts the Evil Queen to send her relentless and cold-blooded Huntsman to track down and kill Wendell, Virginia, and Tony.

Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Approximately two hours of the miniseries was cut out to make it fit on two tapes. Seeking Wendell and Virginia, Wolf tracks down Tony.