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He starts to realise his feelings for Taani are stronger than he wants to believe, and these feelings start to manifest themselves as he becomes more and more protective of her. Current broadcasts on StarPlus. Uncomfortable at first, they slowly start falling for each other. Lyrics Tere Liye Kailash Kher. In the mean time, Taani sees Ritesh, the husband of Anurag's sister Ananya, fiddling with his wife's medicines.

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Meanwhile, Nupur gives Gulabo more money to reveal everything to Ananya and blame it on Taani. Synced by Parvathy Murali. Nupur feels very upset and slashes her wrist in order to kill herself. But Taposh has clearly told Mauli that he is not interested.

It is obvious that Anurag is not angry at Taani, but feels he has been hurt by the person he loves the most, though he does not realise it. One day, Taani, Anurag and Jonaki take Kuhu to a temple. Taani feels Anurag still loves Nupur.

Following this, Anurag and Taani have a happy married life, before Ananya's daughter dies in an accident and Taani succumbs to depression. Taani helps him get several opportunities and Anurag gradually realises he loves her.

Realizing the truth, Ananya is devastated and walks out the house, crying, on to the street, where she gets into an accident. Harshad Chopda Anupriya Kapoor.

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During a family function, Anurag announces his relationship with Taani in front of everyone. Anurag does not want to interfere with Taani's new life, so he enters a mental asylum and acts like he is insane. You can also share tere liye drama all episodes or any other file with the community. Indian Hindi-language television romance series. He has brought the police, which arrests Ritesh.

He is hit with a sense of reality that he is truly in love with Taani. If file is multipart don't forget to check all parts before downloading! After some time, they tell Taani to get remarried to Sushant. Bimlendu had cancer and was worried about Taani's future after his death. Verified by Cristiano Alves curator.

Translated by Pooja Pandey. Mauli is so angry that she breaks off her engagement with Robindo and gets married to Taposh. Anurag and his car fall off a cliff.

Mauli loves Taani's brother Taposh. At the end everything is settled. There is an accident, and Kuhu dies after slipping down the steps of the temple. But Taani refuses, so Anurag decides to go alone. Taani comes to meet Anurag, but, before he can get out of his car, Ritesh drives up from behind and crashes into him.

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But Nupur plans on re-entering Anurag's life as his lover. Uncomfortable at first, Anurag and Taani slowly start feeling a special bond between them. But after the death of Bimlendu the couple is separated for eight years. Musixmatch for Spotify and iTunes is now available for your computer Download now. Taani convinces Anurag to save Nupur.

Upload File Request file File Leecher. Anurag's innocence is proved. Taani calls him and asks him to meet her. But Ananya thinks that Taani is trying to hurt her.

In a fit of rage, Shekhar calls Anurag a nobody living on his paternal name and wealth. As time elapses, Sushant falls for Taani and asks for her hand in marriage. He blames all that happened on Taani and curses her that she and Anurag will be separated as well. When he succeeds, Nupur suddenly returns and threatens suicide before Anurag accepts her in urgency, though he still loves Taani. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Download Tere liye drama all episodes files - TraDownload

During the next few weeks, Anurag starts to see Taani in a different light, fueled by the inherent love he has always had for her. He pushes Nupur away and follows Taani.

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Tere Liye Serial Song Download

Taani is forced to agree to save Anurag, who has been accused of Gulabo's murder. The show was ranked at no. Anurag, out of guilt, vows to find her a suitable partner to replace him, and sees a potential suitor in his close friend, Sushant.

Meanwhile, Taani finds out about Ritesh's intentions but Ananya does not believe her and throws her out. Eventually Anurag and Taani gets married. But then she rebukes him for assuming she could ever forget him and move on. Through Taani's constant selfless sacrifices, Anurag starts realizing the love she has for him.

Tere liye drama song mp4 Free Mp3 Download

Only Ritesh can save Anurag. Gulabo goes to Ananya, who is pregnant, and tells her everything. Then, Taposh realizes that he is also in love with Mauli.

Kabhii Sautan Kabhii Sahelii Kundali. She gets to know that Anurag is alive in a mental asylum. When Ritesh falsely accuses Anurag of Gulabo's murder and blackmails Taani into marrying him, Anurag interrupts and finally gets him arrested. Taani reaches Nupur and tries to talk her into returning to Anurag. Their respective fathers Bimlendu Banerjee and Shekhar Ganguly are best friends.

To reassure him, Shekhar gets his son Anurag married to Taani. But Nupur comes back at that moment and tries to reconcile with Anurag. He tells her that their pretence of being engaged is over now. Anurag gets to know about Taani helping him to find work and bringing back Nupur, and vows to woo her again.