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Satellite Radio - Updating Channels. Is this part that mysterious Sirius issue also, or is there something I can do to fix that? Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Radio. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Once the update is complete, tune to the channel you want to hear and you're all set.

If this does not happen automatically, follow the instructions included with your vehicle owner's manual to quickly update your presets. Make sure host radio is on auxiliary input mode. All of my presets were gone and I re-programmed same. If this occurs, you will need to update the preset button labels on your radio.

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View Details Pandora Now Ch. To see the full channel listing for your radio and package, click here. The preset button label should then match the name and number of the channel you're tuned to. Man I am glad to see I am not the only one.

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For help with this task, please consult the user guide that came with your radio. After reading these posts i think Sirius should offer to fix this since it is obviously their update that is bricking these radios! The gospel playing incident was while your Sirius tuner was updating it chose a random channel to play and stayed there.

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How to Reset a Sirius Radio Tuner

Funny all but the one quoted below. When you get to be my age that's what you listen too. If not, I have four accounts they might lose. The radio in my car is not displaying the Rock category or Rock channels. It plays the music and shows the artist, but doesn't show the station name anymore.

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Please do not change channels while your radio is updating, as this will delay the update from being completed. Follow the instructions that came with your radio to quickly reset those channels. You can easily refresh your radio from right inside your vehicle by visiting siriusxm. Without the refresh, your Sirius radio may begin receiving some channels that should not be included with the package you've chosen, or you might be missing others that you expect to hear.

Last night it was dark and I didn't have my glasses. Come on in and see all the new and exciting ways you can take incredible entertainment wherever you go. Certain older Sirius radios lack the appropriate bandwidth to receive over channels, including many which have been added in recent years. Back to top I drive a Chrysler and I am not receiving all of my channels.

It Still Works
  • Back to top I have a Mercedes-Benz.
  • Choose Select Genre and then choose All.
  • How will I know if my radio actually needs to be refreshed?
  • Only a small number of channels moved, but if the program you want to record has moved and you do not adjust your settings, your radio will record the incorrect program.

My stations are not updated. Nothing they do is easy, government and at the very least it will count as a swap. How do I get it to update the channel names?

Channel Lineup & Guide

They are still as wrong as ever. Push the button again to turn the radio back on. You can also tune to channels in the Rock category via the tuning knob or manual channel entry.

As you tune up and down the dial, dota 2 matchmaking group the sequence of channel names you see may not match the sequence of programming that you hear as you change the channels. The preset buttons return the wrong audio or some of the new channels are missing. Wait until the update is complete.

Your radio may need minutes to receive the updated lineup from our satellites. Starmate R stuck on updating channels. One morning last week, my radio was stuck on some station playing gospel or something. The channels are not updating. Have not had the on going problem with channel updating since.

Just give your radio a few extra moments to update when you first turn it on. Satellite radio module burned out. They just seem to poo-pooh my complaints. Turn on the vehicle and return to Sirius mode. Technosavant Site Supporter If the recent update does not help try this recommendation from Technosavant I did this update same day sirius xm update came out.

Should I try to get them to replace the radio? Back to top I can't find some of the channels I normally listen to. Consult your vehicle owner's manual if you are unsure of how to store a preset. What is the fuel range before empty?

We apologize for any inconvenience. From what Taylor has heard from his resources, it's sounding pretty doubtful that we'll see any updates to our Stilettos. Welcome to the world of satellite radio. If your radio does not appear to be functioning properly, please try these helpful troubleshooting tips. Dwight Yoakam and The Bakersfield B.

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When I re-entered them, the channel names were correct. If this does not fix the issue please contact your Land Rover or Range Rover dealership. Check to make sure all cables are connected firmly and securely.

Still wrong channel names. Wonder if they'll botch this one too? This page has been customized for your which has. The issue should now be resolved.

Troubleshooting Your SiriusXM Radio

You'll likely be able to pick whatever radio you want and they will activate it free of charge and you will not use any of your swaps etc. Give them a decade and an update may come along. You have a Sirius radio and you use the channel preset or channel blocking features on your radio. You may also schedule a refresh from your computer by going to our website. Then your channels are up to date.

The first time you turn on your radio beginning August Allow your radio to update. The information may not be available or updates may be in progress. At any rate, I'd suggest you try deleting the presets and then re-entering them. This message usually goes away in a few seconds. Back to top I have a portable radio.

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Sirius Channel Guide

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  1. It will load the disc and begin the update automatically.
  2. No offense tunemaaster but I just was looking for help with my radio, if you wanna hijack a thread to complain about Sirius, find another.
  3. Rock channels are now displayed.
  4. If this happens to you, simply reset your scheduled recordings.
  5. Sirius radios with a Family Friendly package need a refresh.
  6. If you have a Sirius radio and your presets no longer take you to your favorite channels, you may have to reset one or more of your preset buttons.

Firmware Upgrade

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Send some of that optimism this way. If you have one of these radios you may notice that the programming you hear does not match the channel name and number you see on your radio. While you're there, take a moment to view and print the full lineup for quick reference, dating 18 year or create a customized channel guide with your favorites to keep handy by your radio. It will go through this cycle whenever I power it on and never leaves the last step. Back to top How will I know if my radio actually needs to be refreshed?

Sirius does not update channel names regularly. This will not be corrected until, as I said in my previous post, Sirius remaps all of the channels. Will my Sirius radio presets point to the new channel locations? If you don't have it, click here to find user guides for most of our portable radios. Extend your satellite radio listening by adding another radio to your vehicle, home and beyond.

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