Razor Synth

You can get some real cool vintage futuristic Staby leds with it. Xfer Serum Advanced Wavetable Synthesizer. It's a great sound, and a lot of fun. Morph multiple parameters at once using an array of performance controllers. Focus on any synthesis module for editing and everything that is linked to it will be shown automatically.

Great sounding, affordable, additive synth that is intuitive to use. This sound, together with the spectral display, has an instant calming, meditative effect on me. Image-Line Harmless Software Synthesizer.

It's like a multiband limiter with up to bands - every partial has its own limiter. These effects are great for creating a stereo sensation without altering the basic sound too much. The waterbed filter is really new.

It's useful when using two modulated filters in sequence, for example, when their resonant frequency overlaps. Try it out for yourselves! The possibility to create sounds and modulations is quite endless. Safe Bass irons out this dynamic and keeps the bass energy at a constant level. Image Line Sytrus Software Synthesizer.


Morgan mentions Razor in a list of preferred plugins. There are now two ways to get a preview of Waverazor. According to this Instagram video, delhi safari mobile movie Breathe Carolina uses Razor. Native Instruments Reaktor Software Synthesizer.

Komplete Synths Razor Demo VersionMOK Waverazor Editor

The saw type dubstep sounds you can make with this are amazing! Comb filters have repeated notches or peaks over the frequency axis. Used it for some basses in this more. For example, if set to octave step, the first partial is eliminated, then the third, the fifth etc.

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Waverazor Virtual Instrument. Reveal Sound Spire Synthesizer Plugin. However, it absolutely shines on Dubstep and styles that demand a more digital style that simply is impossible on a subtractive synth. Even More of a Good Thing.

The collection of included presets provides a launchpad into endless sonic exploration. It can make a lot of variety sounds.

Razor Presets

Instead of simply modulating the entire waveform on and off like traditional ring mod, the oscillator modulates harmonics to different levels in a sequenced pattern. Delay is a good example of this approach.

It is open on his right monitor. The first is Spectral Clip. It's crazy how good this is. It provides helpful visual feedback, which makes it easier to set up sounds because you can see exactly how the sound changes. This combination of new and familiar makes creating sounds surprisingly simple.

Thus, the echo affects only those parameters which are modulated by these envelopes, creating artificial but very musical echoes. The sounds are very organic and interesting. It gradually de-tunes the partials so they meet at one frequency.


It simulates ripples on a water surface, creating a filter curve with a rippling shape. For more information on this program, contact Tracktion support. Since each wave cycle is divided into fractional splices, and phase reset is controlled per segment, multiple simultaneous hard sync points can be set up per cycle and even beyond a single cycle. The original idea was to integrate single cycle waveforms.

Spectrasonics Omnisphere Virtual Synth. Synth Squad Software Synthesizers.

This sounds exactly as if the sound had been pitched up an octave. The entire interface is compact and focused, with a straightforward internal modulation framework and a large graphical display. Use it to create increasingly dissonant echoes, for example, or to pan the echoes independently from left to right. Let the sound get more and more dissonant before the drop, then bring back the harmonics. Brutal, crystalline, precise, clean, robotic, powerful.

Razor Presets

Start typing and press Enter to search. Even with very short decay times! Part of me has always thought that really, computers should be used to do things that are still impossible in the physical domain.

Twist and torture every parameter of sound using a central oscilloscope for precise waveform creation. With Multi-Sync engaged, modulating individual wave fractions to different frequencies creates a complex new harmonically rich version of a classic synthesis technique.