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Click here to review our site terms of use. After the installation, an icon will appear in your notification tray the area in the bottom right corner of your desktop. Sticky notes are based on sticky notes at home. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store. If you right click on the icon in your notification tray, one of the options is Notes Manager.

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Additional information Published by Marco Rinaldi. The joy of sticky notes was they hid silently in the background for quick easy access. Use Microsoft Sticky Notes. Save it for later in the note list and find it with search.

Could you possible add the option of pinning to the Desktop Screen also? The desktop applications are clearly more evolved here, and I would recommend Hott Notes to anyone who wants an easy to use, yet customizable sticky note app. This app is just what it says. Summary May try again later with a new version. Please make the viewer a choice and not the actual only way for this program to run.

From the tray, users create a new note, which pops up as a yellow sticky note. When you open a new note, the Note Configuration Window will appear beside it, shown below. What company are they under so I can go to my Library and delete it. Simple Sticky Notes lives up to its title by providing a simple way of reminding yourself of important notes.

Published by Marco Rinaldi. Sexually explicit or offensive language. Tom Revell, Stickies author.

This is not a proper sticky-note app like you probably think - it doesn't put sticky notes on your desktop. Make your notes on Linux instead.

Need to remember something for later? Does one of them also push the screen through a gamescreen?

It is turning out be a useful app for everyday use. Cons None as of this time. This program does away with all that and does so much more. And even for doing this task, it is dreadful to use. When you find an app that provides working links you can open one note.

Notes can be dragged around by grabbing it by the dotted top left corner, and resized by grabbing the triangle in the lower right. They're the simple way to quickly save something for later, so you can stay in the flow.

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It also has these global hot keys that allow you to start a note from anywhere, and it allows you to customize what double clicking the icon in the notification tray will do. Do you want reminders on your Start Screen instead of the desktop?

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If you ever need to reopen the Note Configuration Window, double click on the header of the note. How you found the violation and any other useful info.

The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Very stable, latest skype messenger 2011 easy to search for notes and can run on many platforms.

You can set certain notes to shake when you wake up your computer, to play a noise at a certain time, or to open a certain program at a given time. Notes don't appear on desktop, must open main screen. These apps all have a modern interface, can be downloaded right from the Windows Store, and can pin notes directly to the Start Screen. The free versions for Android and Apple are very good, as good if not better than any mentioned above. This app needs a bit more work before it should be released to the public.

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But one folks when it blasts away all the competition with what it does as is. It was simple and easy to use. Pros Looks like a nice upgrade to the windows version.

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Can't really say any more than that. It is a useful program for everyone who has a list of things to do. The small view is even worse, not displaying any text at all. Free, portable and customizable. They totally disappeared from my desktop.

The note below is an example of a semi-transparent red note with white text. To put the sticky note that I needed to modify back, I have to close the program and restart it.

Instead, you can only make sticky notes inside its own sandboxed environment, and that's it. While the notes aren't automatically stacked on top of one another, but staggered, this is still a great way to look at notes that have been minimized and forgotten. Copyright c Microsoft Corporation. For some reason, when you quickly drag a note to move it around, it slides across and outside of the window!