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Join forces with Mayor Toothy to match sugary treats and create the perfect sweet retreat. Collect them to unlock and level up your costumes! Fill your passport to climb the ranks. More costumes and locations are coming.

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Better chests have a higher chance of carrying more valuable costume pieces. Instantly pop any balloon on the board. You can open each chest individually, or open them all at once. Each icon represents a different Pop Goal for you to complete. Uncover ancient treasure as you journey through long-lost temple ruins.

Play Mahjong, earn badges, and journey through out time! These goals can be identified by the icons with a calendar behind them.

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If you need PopCoins in a pinch, you can buy packs in a variety of sizes. Just like any good fashion season, the Marketplace will refresh with new costume pieces. On the bottom left corner below cactus spike you will see number of tokens you earned by popping the balloons and releasing the prize.

Play free puzzle games like Poppit! So this is the complete game structure of poppit. Pogo poppit is a simple puzzle game.

Open treasure chests to unlock new costume pieces. The level of your costume can be found in the upper-left corner of the Costume Screen. You can get more points by leaving five or fewer balloons, or clearing them all.

Inside each chest is a random costume piece. After all the prizes are released try to pop the remaining balloons.

Game Structure On the right hand side you will see a bunch of balloons in which some balloons contains hidden prizes. Triples points for freeing prizes and value of prize bonus points for the rest of the game. Genres More Games Categories.

Prizes are closer to the bottom, caspas sky antivirus making them easier to collect. Collect and level up costumes to gain new powers and abilities! You can win rewards for completing Pop Goals. Undo can only be used to go back one move. Help the Quinn Sisters restore their family aquarium in this story-driven mahjong adventure.

In order to win the game release all prizes and after releasing all the prizes you will earn a jackpot spin. As you pop balloons and they rise to the top, prizes will fall out of the bottom of each column. Power-Ups are not shared between costumes.

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You'll have to be a bit more strategic when using it. Pops every balloon of the selected color. You can pop any grouping of two or more matching balloons.

If you have the maximum amount of any costume piece, it will be sold instantly for PopCoins. Takes out an entire column of balloons, releasing any prizes within. After an hour, the Marketplace will refresh and bring you new costume pieces to purchase. Costume pieces from chests have a lower chance for rarer pieces. Daily Pop Goals are the same every day and refresh at midnight.

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Play Klondike-style solitaire in cities around the world. Spell as many words as you can with the provided letters before time runs out. Pop groupings of two or more colored balloons. When you pop a balloons having prize you will see a box dropped to the bottom of screen below bunch of balloons which means the prize is released.

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