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Shortcuts can be customized in a number of ways from delimiters to hotkeys to form data. Phrases can be linked or nested. Now your communications will sound like you wrote them yourself - even if your assistant is out!

Macros can also launch programs or open documents triggered by shortcuts. The tool enables users to sort phrases into folders, and you can drag and drop the phrases into any directory. In the classroom, PhraseExpress can be used in a variety of ways. The program sits quietly in the system tray until called upon. They asked what was the problem but when I explained the problem they did not respond anymore.

Improved processing of specific nested macro functions. Whether replacing a word or a phrase or a complete sentence, I get a real kick out of saving time and making more time for valuable things. Another important feature worth mentioning is the macro option, which lets you automate different operations, such as insert date and time stamps, open websites, and create automatic email messages.

Very unengaged, don't give us the feeling they want to fix the problem - or even believe there is an issue! Support is reserved to paying customers. Select an expiration date. Pros My job was to find a text expander for windows as our office uses macs and windows pcs.

Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! It would help readers to better understand the situation and the overall tone you have approached us. And, the clipboard cache is very helpful - it helps to not have to use a separate tool for this feature.

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Pros If the program works it works very well and is quite extensive. Pinning this post will make it stay at the top of its channel and widgets.

Advertisements or commercial links. This is a very simple use of the PhraseExpress product where I have a bank of standard responses I have programmed on my middle mouse button to allow me to select one from a menu to save me typing.

That's about all I can say for it. This concern included the syncing mechanism e. Very poor and arrogant support. Seem like a small company with a good product, but inadequate tech support.

Share Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Cost of new versions going up steadily, but have so far been able to justify it.

On the mac we are using textexpander actual product name. Cons I wish there would be a Mac version.

Cons we shared cloud based phrase files between staff - which is great - but has recently stopped working, and the tech support from phrase express has been very poor resolving this. The internet is wonderful. This isn't the type of program you can just install and begin to use right away, but the effort you put in to learn how to use all of its features will be worth it in the end.

My job was to find a text expander for windows as our office uses macs and windows pcs. How valuable is this technology for fostering teaching and learning? Futhermore, the program is able to calculate how much money and time you have spent using PhraseExpress based on typing rate and hourly wage, as well as launch Windows programs. Today, I ran into an issue and called them for help.

Thumbs up for the superb support! Ron, can't confirm your experience. Support was prompt, helpful and without any issues. Cons Very poor and arrogant support. Improved syntax check for form input controls.

PhraseexpressPhraseExpress 14.0.145

Pros This program is easy to use and allows me to include links in my expanded text. Improved processing of linked phrases.

Our apologies for any inconvenience. Improved display of hints. It's completely free, and although it may take some getting used to, especially for novice users, the benefits are worth the effort in the end. The Clipboard Cache enhances the native Windows clipboard functionality by remembering all items that are copied to the clipboard and storing them for later pasting.


PhraseExpress automatically recognizes unwanted Autotexts and suppresses the text replacement the next time you enter the Autotext. PhraseExpress is amazingly bulletproof. Bottom Line PhraseExpress is a versatile and efficient program that can help you ease all types of repetitive tasks. Enterprise social software from Igloo. The product can also be used to automate keystroke sequences for things that don't have keyboard shortcuts, mohra film songs mp3 which is another side-benefit.

Page Options share Share email Email Link. Lots more function I haven't even touched on.

Improved clipboard access right check of clipboard related macro functions. Technology Teaching Tools Technology Teaching Tools are short, online, asynchronous modules highlighting a technology teaching tool along with relevant pedagogical implementation strategies. The unique text prediction feature watches out for repetitive text patterns and offers to auto-complete such phrases.



But this has only happened a few times and only on those macros that i saved in Word format. Thank you for your compliments about PhraseExpress. There are quite a few different Demonstration Macros included in this program that can give you an idea of what the app is capable of. PhraseExpress was reviewed by Ana Marculescu. We're only touching the surface of this sophisticated product.