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The blitz loops this planet to search a way. On a street that falls into darkness, how far can people fight on? The countless wishes that flutter fleetingly Collect in my arms. We can shine with our own style.

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ONLY MY RAILGUN Lyrics - FRIPSIDEOnly my railgun - fripSide - Toaru Kagaku no Railgun - OP

My heart screams as loudly as it can. Today, the answer it came to circulates through my chest. We should just blast away hesitation. The fact that I'm here now as myself Fills my chest with pride - I'm proud of it all! If there's something you wish for, grab it and don't leave it behind!

Even if I'm hurt, I keep on running. Even the tears that shine in these eyes will become my strength. The parabola drawn by the coin that dances in midair decides my fate. The certain prediction circulated Through my body at the speed of light.

Descargar MP3 de Only My Railgun gratis

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Release the dream engraved in your heart! This power scatters out those feelings that are so far from how they used to be. What comes into view from the shredded night Are heavy, deep, wallpaper bergerak desktop painful memories. The shiny lights awaken true desire.


The glance that sparkles coldly cuts through the darkness without disorder. Leave even the future behind.