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There are probably other solutions to come up with, but we have to fix this. Ragequitters and the removal of latejoin This is probably the hottest topic in Galactron. If they can't always find pros to play with, you could organize a championship where all the league ones go into organized matches and try to win a tournament. It thinks skill in this game is linear according to rating, when actually it's more like exponential. Another possibility is that Galactron may care about skill too much right now.

This rework is called Galactron. Nauts that have a high win-rate probably should be put into higher ranked games. That's exactly what Galactron will do! Not sure where you get this idea, Galactron already treats rating as exponential. Today I'd like to discuss the most interesting results.

Disallowing this or putting any kind of limitations on parties encourages smurfing, which is arguably worse. It doesn't account for the Nauts you or your Team are good at or aren't good at. That would make them not bored of the game. One thing we've noticed is that it seems like Galactron doesn't get enough ping data.

Waiting times I've seen some complaints regarding long waiting times in Galactron. This is a big problem that we need to solve.

Galactron needs to find the best match-up based on a bunch of criteria around ping and skill. Galactron turns out to be able to do so quite often. It doesn't account for win-rate of certain Nauts. High ping The other major complaint about Galactron is high ping. In order to improve the matchmaking experience, we've completely rebuilt the system from the ground up.

Maps include health pickups and Solar units, the game's currency. This is understandable, but for a proper discussion they need to be considered. The only thing you can't do is enter a different match or make changes to your party composition. But the bottom line is, its not fun. This means that Galactron doesn't have enough information to make a good matchup.

Aside from this, I believe being able to play with your friends regardless of rating is a positive thing about Awesomenauts. Do you have enough Awesome to lead your Awesomenauts to victory? Expect new items and Awesomenauts to be added regularly! The Awesomenauts are a diverse bunch! Other modes allow for more variations but do not contribute towards ranking.

If the match hasn't started yet, you will have to wait until the game fills up before you can start. Bugs Besides the things mentioned above there were also a bunch of random bugs. We haven't decided how to handle that yet. The rating system is built to self-balance - if their rating is too high, they're more likely to lose, lowering their rating to a more suitable number. If you Alt-Tab the game while waiting for your game to start, you'll receive an audio-warning that your game has started.

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In general we advice never running Full Screen unless Borderless Window gives you problems. If we encounter any that are caused by Galactron, we'll fix them of course. It would have been nice to compare this to our snowballing stats, but unfortunately those weren't recorded in the Galactron live beta due to an oversight. Hopefully that one will be good enough that we won't have to turn Galactron off again, but we'll have to see how it goes.

It can't satisfy them all perfectly all the time so it tries to find a balance. People tend to forget or ignore these repercussions in order to make a point for improving their own experience. We also see premades play against other premades much more often now than before. While we're open to suggestions, we can't afford to do major overhauls for a tiny improvement e. Galactron already places a high emphasis on getting rating as close as possible, making this emphasis stronger means reducing things like ping and premade checks.

Crashes There have been some reports on crashes in Galactron. We can't split premades so this can't be solved. Instead of talking about opinions, let's have a look at cold hard facts.

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It thinks rating is all that matters when hours played and win-rate can also matter, or if you or your team only plays in premades or solo. We can tweak how important each criterium is and I think we might have made skill too important right now. Figuring out why this happens is our highest priority now.

Awesomenauts Awesome Key Features

We're still investigating some of the crash reports. Finally, if someone leaves a public match, he can only rejoin that same match and can't get into another. Some maps contain other obstacles, such as a giant pit monster that consumes anything immediately above it that can be summoned by standing on a button.

Awesomenauts Announces New Overdrive Expansion

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Matchmaking in both versions would be worse if we did. Matchmaking is completely out of control! This matchmaking system we currently have, is just bad. Taking more time to match you The current pre-Galactron matchmaking system tries to do the best job it can, given the matches available at that time. That said, nextwave online dating we'll continue to tweak the system to make sure the matchmaking experience continues to improve from here on out!

Once the enemy drill-core falls you win. Upgrade your timewarping field to a healing bubble or add rockets to your blaster. Matchmaking is entirely handled by our own tech, and we've fundamentally changed the matchmaking flow to improve the experience. With Borderless Window the game still covers the entire screen, it's just a different way of asking Windows to do so.

Freedom while you wait While the matchmaking system is preparing all this, you can continue to navigate the menus, use the Global Chat and new party chat features, and use other features in the game. This is also why season resets are a bad idea. Global chat didn't work half the time. Most important is that Galactron needs to be really good before it goes out of beta.

We've been analysing this extensively these past few days and have a bunch of theories, but we don't have the final answer yet. Those league one people just never die and never lose, and they destroy your turrets in one minute. Most of those we've already fixed by now, or are working on fixing. Currently Galactron sligthly favors good ping. Surf your way to victory or bend time itself to your will.

So there you have it, the current status of Galactron. Spend the coin you get for defeating enemy forces on powerful items. Use your power and show your might! We'll have to observe this group more once the other issues are fixed. The system looks at the available games and picks the one that's the best fit for you.

We normally collect stats about how often one team has much more kills than the other team, and how often the losing team didn't destroy any turrets. It would be interesting to see those stats for Galactron, so it's a pity they weren't recorded during the last beta.