Maili Chadar Odh Ke Kaise

This beautiful bhajan has wonderfully worked its charm on both my father and me and I'm sure for most people who have heard it. Namas-tasyai namas-tasyai namas-tasyai namo namah. Listen to toote na preet tihari Lyrics-. Listen to nis din namoon ganapati charan Lyrics -.

Maili Chadar Odh Ke Kaise

Rakh laaj meri Ganpati Rakh laaj meri Ganpati Siddhi vinaayak duhkh haran, santaap haari sukh karan. Visit my Website Visit my Website. Jahaan-jahaan is a term I approximate and simplify to wherever. In the old days, the soul was thought to reside in the heart, hence in some parts, munn became a colloquial term for heart.

Prabhu hum pe kripa karna, Prabhu hum pe daya karna. Chaahe maut gale ka haar bane, rahe dhyaan tumhaare charano mein. Chanchal maya ke rang mein yeh naina rahe uljhaye. Prabhu teri raza mein hai meri raza.

Bhajo re mann Bhajo re man, Ram naam sukhdai. What can we garland Him with, when we have just lost and failed in our own eyes?

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Once you are dead, it is too late, and there is nothing one can do except ask for mercy. Although dwaar approximates to door, in concepts of Hinduism, standing at the door is analogous to standing before god to seek his refuge.

Bhagwan Ji Help me Golden hindi bhajans 2

Listen to Data ek Ram Lyrics-. The secret is right in front of your face. You are blessed to have such rich wonderful memories and experiences with so many songs here. Chaahe bairi sab sansaar bane, chaahe jivan mujh par bhaar bane.

Listen to man maila aur tan ko dhove Lyrics -. Newer Post Older Post Home. Khair, please consider spacing to show the end of a paragraph. Listen to jai jai jai hanuman gosai. As they say in the West, Sinner-man, where are you going to run to?

What can we sing to Him, when we have broken the strings of this human instrument. His bhajans are straight from the heart, sung without any exaggeration and simplicity. When you sin, your very essence becomes soiled, and therefore how can a sinful person stand before god? They recognise the futility of removing stains accumulated over a lifetime, and ask, what possible garland of flowers haar could they offer to wash their sins? Daata ek Ram, bhikhari saari duniya Daata ek Ram Dwaare pe uske jaake, koee bhi pukaarata.

What possible song could they sing? Bollywood Translations Donate. Listen to Hey parmeshawr vishva vidhata Lyrics-. Sattanam ka sumiran kar le.

Ab na bani to phir na banegi Listen to ab na bani to. In this song, the singer remembers all the things they did wrong and questions what chance they have of gaining His shelter. Aisa pyar baha de maiya Listen to aisa pyar baha de maiya.

Listen to prabhu humpe kripa karna Lyrics -. My father, a person ruled more by his heart than the head, would never fail to be moved and would wipe a tear at the end of this song. Listen to naam ka deep jala le Lyrics -.

In this context, he refers to his entire life. Maili chadar odh ke kaise Listen to maili chadar odh ke kaise. On that day, when you stand there, there is no part of you that you can hide, and god sees you completely. Durga durgati door kar, mangal kar sab kaaj.

Ram naam bhaj le man moorkh, Banat banat ban jai. But we tend to forget the very purpose of life and only seek to cultivate vices and emit negativity. He remains one of the most popular bhajan singers in India. Param kripa de apni, bhav se ubhaarata.

Tera Ram ji karenge beda paar Listen to tera ram ji karenge beda paar. Rakh laaj meri Ganpati Rakh laaj meri Ganpati, apni sharan mein lijiye. Kar aaj mangal Ganpati, apni kripa ab kijiye. He endowed you with the power of speech, so you could sing his name, but instead you used it for swearing and deception.

Maili chaadar odh ke kaise Toone mujhako jag mein bheja, Nirmal dekar kaaya. Maili Chadar is a heartwarming song written and sung by the late Sri. Maili chadar odh ke kaise Maili chadar odh ke kaise, dwar tumhare aaun. Chadar is a covering garment, 1947 a love story telugu movie songs just like your body is a covering for your soul.

Listen to Jap le hari ka naam saanjh sakare Lyrics -. The write-up makes for an interesting read though it is imminent you're not a great writer. This was a wonderful rendition Jaya. Aisa pyar baha de Maiya, charano se lag jau mai.

Listen to Ram ji ke naam ne to pathar bhi taren Lyrics -. So lovely to hear this bhajan. Human life, which God refers to as manah-shashthanindriyani brain and six senses is the first step to intelligent life.

Jiske sir par haanth ho tera woh kaise dukh paaye. Ram sumir ke reham kare na phir kaise sukh payega. Hey parmeshwar vishwavidhata.

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Bhajo re man, Ram naam sukhdai. Ram ji ke naam ne to pathar. Hey paavan parameshwar mere, Mann hi mann sharamaau. Just soul touching words and feelings. Beautiful and so soothing rendition, Jaya.

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There is a simplicity in the lyrics penned down by him though. With purity in thought, word and action, God sends us into this world. Aakar is sansaar maine, Isko daag lagaaya.