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So for right now, I'll get your source up for you to download and look at. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on Mediafire. This lets you bring your own saved games, allowing you to switch screens, and all while the game takes advantage of the current computer's video card you are using. Don't ask me for serial keys or a copy of the game.

There is no worm in this build, its a script file, so more than likely Avast sees it as a executable script thats normally a malicious file. Hunt the Covenant continuously in a variety of single-player and multiplayer battles continuously. If it is in there, the executable might be corrupt. Partner with PortableApps.

Where to download halo portable for PC

Seems to work fine but dunno about the virus or keylogging. Create new account Request new password. Sometimes you can join other games sometimes you can't.

The general opinion was that registry entries don't impact system performance unless you have a ginormous registry. Also, why are you afraid to release the source? This file has been up for awhile, so I doubt its got a worm. Err, I have a warning of a keylogger, anyone having this too?

Kaspersky antivirus says virus or keylogger to practically anything, so theres probably no danger of viruses. For anybody wanting Halo to work portably, today is your lucky day. Just thought I would throw this out there for you ppl scared of the keylogger issue.

Hear bullets fired from behind you and watch them strike targets ahead in total surround sound. With the precision of mouse and keyboard support, play Halo like never before.

Anyways I've noticed a few complaints about the launcher, so I'll try to answer each one, so for the guys that waited awhile for me to answer, I'll start with you. Halo Portable Download This has the source now as well. After extracted when u turn it on there definetely is a virus. Take the battle online with gamers from all over the world in a variety of individual and team based games such as Capture the Flag, Death Match, Oddball, King of the Hill, Race, and more.

The files source is available if you install AutoIt and use it decompile. Keyloggers are a crack so you do not have to have the cd code. Keep checking in because as of now I have some free time, I'll get the file to be shared on Sourceforge, add an ini file, and try to get it packaged as a paf install. But Mclovin, can't you just use a search function for the halo keys in the registry? Not saying its a big deal, but I figured people who wanted it would get it with the program until I got around to it.

Where to download halo portable for PC

Also, can there be an ini option to make it so that you can have it in full screen? So keep checking in for updates. This script I will admit is a bit under developed for full usage. Do you know how I could fix this? So that may be what is messing it up.

You can create games that is for sure and people can do that. Pardon me Mclovin if you answered this in your last post. This is more closed source. Their was a massive debate over the registry i saw in a forum a while ago.

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This would let us post code to help fix the weird problems. On every new computer I try it on, the license agreement always pops up on the first run. Author any thoughts on this? Why no source, no ini, no configuration?

The link below links you to Halo Portable. Almost every program that i've downloaded from portableapps. While this is portableapps. That would be nice to have some feedback and some suggestions or improvements.

Just check in a couple of days to see if I added the Link to the source, then download it. Kevin Bartold or just leave me a message on youtube if u have a youtube account. And the registry files are just for the license, the Hd sound settings for Halo, and program directory. Use virus total and jotti to check it. Also, is there any way to kind of slim down the space requirements?

Portable Halo Launcher

Also there is a patch that would have been created so that you will not need to have the cd. You can download mixed from Easy and RapidShare. But until Microsoft decides to give up its inner workings, There's not much I can do.


Includes brand new multiplayer maps in addition to all the classic originals. Be a real shame if there was.

Portable Halo Launcher

Once I get more Feed back on how good the launcher is, then Ill include the source in a future Update of it. Can someone help me at all?

Once I find my copy of Halo, I'm gonna try it. Yes, it's very suspicious because halo. Halo transports you into a science fiction universe fresh out of a Hollywood movie, with a detailed, twisting storyline, prince of persia 6 game complex characters and cunning enemies.

Exploit high-end graphic cards with Halo in x resolution. If you are still worried you should do some research on keyloggers.