An incensed Don confronts Betty

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Peggy hires two actresses to keep an account at the agency as part of a publicity stunt, however it backfires after one of the actresses sues the other one for assault. Betty admits to a shocked and speechless Henry that at one point she saw a psychiatrist.

At the end of a stressful day, Betty makes Don sleep on the floor of the guestroom, but later joins him on the floor where they make love. After presenting an offer, they realize it is a lost cause, until they hit upon an idea. He picked up the boxes, which were on the curb, and saw Henry mowing the lawn. In her free time Sally talked to Glen Bishop.

At the end of a stressful

Don requests that if they do not move out soon, he will need to start collecting rent. Upon hearing this, Sally ran upstairs and cried in her bed, however Henry was happy to finally hear that Betty was ready to move out of the house. Betty starts to worry about what might happen if she is sick, and the life she will leave behind.

During this time, Dick Whitman heard about Milton S. Betty was aggravated at the mere sight of Don and spent most of the dinner glaring at Don, embarrassing Henry.

After presenting an offer

He returns home at Betty's behest during the Cuban Missile Crisis. She was going for the Elizabeth Taylor-look and ended up resembling Henry's mother. After Don leaves, Henry tells Betty that he agrees with Don and that it is time for Betty to start looking for a house, and is promptly rebuffed by Betty.

Regardless, we can't wait to see what new style surprises Betty's got up her sleeve this season. Henry's mother, who realizes Betty's weight gain, suggests getting a prescription for diet pills. In November, Don is cornered by Betty, who has managed to unearth evidence of Don's past life via pictures and documents from a locked drawer in his desk. One day Betty saw both of them walking together into the wooded area they hung out in, and confronted her.