When charged, it deals more damage

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These were Satake Yoshishige's men, their lord having received word that in his absence the Satomi had attacked his lands in Hitachi. Sengoku Basara Sanada Yukimura-Den Masamune stabs the ground with his swords then electrocute the enemy and send them flying. The attackers pressed towards the Seto River, which was the last obstacle between them and Motomiya.

Finally Yoshitsugu turned

Finally, Yoshitsugu turned to Terumune to mediate. Sengoku Basara Sanada Yukimura-Den Masamune leaps to the air and spinning downward to create a giant twister that deals continuous damage. When Masamune returned from a morning of falconry to learn of his father's abduction, he called his men to arms and set off after Hatakeyama's entourage. He lost an eye to smallpox and in his relentless pursuit of power is said to have slaughtered his own brother, as well as Christian missionaries, Korean peasants and countless of his compatriots. When its regular Air Death Fang, it will add more hits.

Masamune brought his remaining forces within Motomiya's walls, and prepared for what would surely be a gallant but futile last stand. No, the Samurai Warriors game series is all about the fighting and good-looking men. Hideyoshi ordered Date to participate, which he did, though it is said he put off his arrival so that his spies could report on the likely victor. Ieyasu Tokugawa granted him control of the Sendai domain, in which Date managed the successful growth of a small village into a prosperous city of Sendai. Date also appears in the Warriors Orochi series.

His fighting style is also changed to make use of a sabre and pistols. In the first game, he uses a pair of wooden swords as his weapons and features an unusually small character model to emphasize his youth. In the confusion, Terumune was cut down and Yoshitsugu somehow escaped to his castle of Nihonmatsu.

This would be Date Masamune's last expansionist adventure, however. Date prefers to fight one-on-one, often starting battles by issuing the a challenge to the enemy general and having his army stand back to watch and wait. During battles he shown to mainly use only one of his swords, although he will draw all six of them if it is necessary. It will add another strike after the first one.

Sengoku Basara Sanada YukimuraDen Masamune leaps

But the next morning, no doubt to the amazed relief of the Date warriors, the main enemy contingent picked up and marched away. He usually fights with just one sword, but on some occasions he fights with all of his six swords with three in each hand. The battles in the north culminated with Masamune's attack on Fukushima Castle.