This is why you style your hair

Do guys only care about looks yahoo dating

With guys, the direct approach is the only approach. Nothing you can do about it, so no use getting mad about it. But only for the first impression. Everything about how you look will be analyzed by girls and then compared to how you could look, not compared to how other guys look. Go up to your friend-zone guy and ask him that right to his face.

Nothing you can do

This is why you style your hair. Forget all that crap you've heard about how you have to make a guy guess whether or not you like him, and definitely forget that stuff about being subtle and mysterious.

Being a guy, I know how we all think. Forget the friend zone, I couldn't even get that far with a girl. Girls care about looks less than value Whether you want to believe it or not, girls correlate looks with value. Then watch what happens, and I guarantee something will happen. They do this directly, instantly and brutally.

Some guys really do only care about looks, and there's no cure for douche bags so let him go. But i've got twenty bucks right here that says he'll start noticing you really quickly, so go do that. Well, as a man the answer to that question is something that is pretty hard to wrap your head around, because when it comes to looks men and women have entirely different patterns of thought. Good looking people have it easier in life, and that's just a fact. He believes in his own self worth and value, so he lives a lifestyle that involves working out, dressing nice and detail specific grooming.

With guys the direct approach

This survival instinct helped us to properly decide if we should fight or flee. Everyone comes in their own color, shape and size. This really makes total sense when you think about it. Also, if you have some game you can even beat better looking guys in a direct competition over a girl. If he asks why you're asking, tell him straight that he's spending all this time chasing makeup-model-bimbo girls when he could have an interesting girl like you any time he wants.