Be patient and don't stalk her

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Scammers pretend to be real women and do everything to extract money from you. Obviously, Russian girls are ladies from Russia. Both in Russia and Ukraine, the female population outnumbers the male population. You'll realize that a person is your match only after you get to know each other better.

Well most girls want

This way, you'll get more women interested in you. Contact people with similar expectations. When describing your personality, forget about all those Facebook statuses and quotations and use your own words. Apart from exchanging instant messages with one woman, you can enter into a chat room.

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Many foreigners want a Russian wife. They appreciate honesty and are straightforward themselves. While Russians are more reserved, Ukrainian women are more open and gregarious. It will be very frustrating for a woman to see a huge difference between you as shown in the picture and you as you really are in real life.

That is a universal question that won't be left unanswered. Well, most girls want to find a future husband and are very serious about it.

They want to create their own family and are ready to marry a man who lives miles away from them. If you notice that a particular girl keeps ignoring your messages or writes impersonal emails, she may happen to be a scammer sending the same letter to hundreds of men.

While filling out your profile information try to be as genuine as possible. Upload your best pictures. Don't Call Me Baby If someone gives you their personal email address, phone number or snail mail address you are not obliged to use it.