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All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from September Articles with permanently dead external links Articles with short description Articles with hAudio microformats. On the eve of her wedding, Akash crashes the festivities and proposes to her. Eventually, it is hinted that she tires of Subodh's overly disciplined nature and dumps him, accepting Sameer's proposal when he asks her out. Rohit is the domineering and possessive fiancee of Shalini.

In the present day, Sid has rushed Tara to the hospital for liver cirrhosis and waits for an update on her condition with Sameer at his side. Screen Award for Best Music Director. Shalini, who is engaged to a guy back in India, agrees. She intends for him to start believing in the idea of love, unknowingly making Akash realize that he is secretly in love with Shalini herself.

The end credits imply that he has gotten together with her and has finally moved on. Best Playback Singer Male. Being her only living relative, Mahesh is shown to be close in age in Shalini.

Priya is the bossy girlfriend of Sameer, whom she dumps soon after their graduation. He falls in love with a divorced alcoholic and struggles with his feelings not being understood by his family and friends. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Khanna agreed to play Sid so that Khan could play Akash. Though his own relationship remains unfulfilled, he provides the impetus for Sameer to finally confess his love for Pooja, leading to the two of them to get together.

Dil chahta hai film songs

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Dil Chahta Hai

However, Pooja's relationship with her boyfirend falls apart and she finds herself falling in love with Sameer. True to character, Sameer falls in love with her at first sight but hesitates to say anything remembering his past experiences. However, Khan did not want to play Sid and wanted to play Akash instead.

Dil Chahta Hai (soundtrack)

Subodh is the ex-boyfriend of Pooja, before she gets together with Sameer. One song sequence recapitulates and, to some extent, parodies Bollywood song-and-dance history. After Sid and Akash's fallout, Sameer is left to play the mediator in the group. When they came back, they booked a studio and completed the recording in three weeks. He decides to go away for some time to his uncle's farmhouse to focus on his paintings.

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Dil Chahta Hai (soundtrack)

While being the target of Akash's jokes, Sameer takes them sportingly and rarely feels insulted. Months later, the three friends return for a trip to Goa, this time accompanied by Shalini and Pooja. The guests are alerted and Rohit's father has a private conversation with Shalini to make sense of the turn of events. Here, Sameer tries to get over his ex-girlfriend while Akash continues to escape from a girl who loves him deeply.

Meanwhile, in Mumbai, Sameer's patience pays off and he asks Pooja out when she dumps her boyfriend. As they explore the city, Akash's playful nature puts him at odds with the violent and possessive attitude of Shalini's fiancee Rohit, who had slapped him at his graduation party. Akash departs in anger and it seems as if the two friends will never talk again.

The trio had various influences, including Irish and ethno. She shares a close relationship with her uncle Mahesh, who is both a father-figure and a brother, owing to his being relatively close to Shalini in age.

Afterward, he privately confesses to his friends that he has fallen in love, only for them to remind him of the age difference and the fact that Tara is a divorced alcoholic. Malhotra, Akash is shown as a carefree, sometimes irresponsible individual who grows from having a two-week life-cycle for relationships to crashing Shalini's wedding to keep her in his life. Akash drops by to reconcile with Sid, only minutes before Tara dies. Best Male Playback Singer.

He is also not above pranking Akash himself, as seen in him casually undercutting Akash's attempts to escape Deepa by informing her of his whereabouts. He is also shown to maintain good ties with Rohit's parents, as Rohit's father speaks to him first during the scene following Akash's proposal the wedding. Best Performance in a Comic Role. Rohit is portrayed as hot-headed and frequently violent, as seen from the final sequence when he ends up pushing his own father away when he stops her from marrying him.

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In her final conversation with Sid, she encourages him to stay happy and accepts that they shared a special relationship even though it was never formalized. He is also shown to lack any kind of impulsion, regularly treating Pooja on their monthly anniversaries and giving her a balloon everyday at the same place and same time. While Akash frequently targets Sameer in his pranks, Sid is shown to be the supportive one who tries to be the sane voice in the group. This helps as he frequently becomes one of the group when Akash and Shalini meet in Sydney, and is able to interact with Akash and Rohit as a friend more than an elderly figure. When he realizes how his insensitive remark must have hurt Sid, Akash breaks down in tears before answering a call from his father who, realizing something is amiss, asks him to come back home.

Tara, who has enough stressful situations in her life to deal with, is disappointed in Sid and asks him to leave. She is shown to resent Akash's friendship with Sameer and breaks up with him after he fails to choose her over Akash in a fight. But since Rahman was busy with other engagements, he did not accept the offer. Initially, director Farhan Akhtar had approached A. Deepa is a clingy ex-girlfriend of Akash, holding on to him long after he has lost interest in their relationship.

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Dil Chahta Hai is considered to be pathbreaking and one of the best soundtracks to have emerged in contemporary Indian music. His character acts as the foil to Akash, music to library for especially in the second half of the film. Films produced by Ritesh Sidhwani. Best Feature Film in Hindi.

One of the main trio of characters, Sid is the quiet and reticent one in the group. Pooja is Sameer's love interest after his breakup with Priya. Rahman for composing the music.

As they picnic together, Sid sees a girl at a distance, smiles and begins walking toward her. Farhan Akhtar tells it like it is Rediff. Tara is shown to be frustrated in her personal life, not having separated on good terms with her husband who stops her from seeing their daughter and remarries. New York University Press.