It plays on the psyche of women

Difference between indian and pakistani women dating

Along with experiences from both my male and the poor heartbroken female friends. Such attraction can prove to be quite fatal. With their rugged good looks, international style and sky high fame they are way too attractive to any Indian woman.

This is the way society

This is in contrast to Indian Muslims who learn the true history of the sub-continent. This is the way society has marketed us to believe.

Pakistani Muslims are very sensitive to any account of any type of insult to Islam. He is a man who likes to live a simple life, no pressure, just day in day out, same old routine. But if you see the trend, all the Indian women who have chosen Paki men have not chosen anyone who can overpower their popularity.

He does not care weather his wife is skinny or fat, okay looking or drop dead gorgeous. His typical weekend maybe spent watching his local community desi channels on Saturday mornings and later during the day, going shopping for his usual spices and halal meat at his local India bazaar. Pakistani Muslims have replaced the original script of their native language into Arabic script. They are earthy, men of the soil and look it as well. They do not see this as an invasion and revere all of the invaders as great benefactors and leaders.

It is a long rectangular cloth. In fact they glorify the medieval period from the time of Ghazni to that of the Mughal. He is not into fashion and more than likely not even a very sociable person. Yes, your typical nice Pakistani men are now your fathers and your uncles.

The above cited factors are the most fundamental difference between the two groups. Especially in India, people worship cricket and this adds to its overall charm. There's something about Paki men There's something about Paki men There is something about Indian women and Pakistani men.

He is more likely to be an accountant, engineer, doctor, taxi driver or even a security guard. Before you begin to read this journal, I must warn you that the opinions expressed in this journal are just my opinions and thoughts that I have gathered over years from my own personal experiences. This is due to the deliberate attempt by Pakistan Government to eradicate everything connected to the pre-Islamic period.

This is in contrast to