Age is just a number for me

Deepshikha kaishav age difference dating

Later, day before yesterday she declared that we are officially divorced. In fact, he is very proud of me and keeps encouraging me to take up good work. However, the damage was done and she also felt we were not compatible. Problems started when I learnt about them.

At this age, you become mature and want to marry for the right reason. To be honest, all my stuff including my passport, jewellery, monies were at her place. My parents tried to make her understand and so did her uncle and aunt but she did not relent. We resumed talking and she was in her normal mood. Whenever I do something, I give them the reason behind it.

Now, she says she also felt cheated in our relationship. As a celebrity, she knows people and went to the cops with a person associated with a political party. She was not allowing me to take my stuff. After a few months of separation, Kaishav and Deepshikha gave another chance to love. The actress on returning home told Kaishav to leave the house.

At this age

We were not fighting after the divorce. Two people should be compatible enough to get married. Post that we were not talking.

To be honest all my