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Merchants are preparing to leave, and its Bajoran commander, Major Kira Nerys, seems to dislike the Federation. Although he is able to rescue Jake, Jennifer remains trapped. Sisko ends the program and they leave the holodeck.

As Sisko digs through the rubble, the Bolian lieutenant scans Jennifer with a tricorder and finds she is already dead. Chief O'Brien reports that most systems are offline and a lot of vital equipment is missing or severely damaged.

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Written by Arnoud Tiele imdb tiele. Cardassian ships begin to arrive at the station, questioning the disappearance of Gul Dukat and dismissing the claims of a wormhole.

After requesting help from Starfleet, Kira attempts to hold off the Cardassians by altering their sensor reading to make it appear that the station is heavily armed. The station had been left in ruins - stripped by the Cardassians after they withdrew. With the Cardassians unable to detect them, Sisko and Dax prepare to take a runabout to investigate the Denorios Belt. Dukat enters the wormhole, but when the station's staff tries to follow, they find the wormhole entrance no longer open. Dukat informs Sisko that he has his ship parked in orbit near the station and asks permission for his crew to visit the station's promanade - which Sisko grants.

Sisko recognizes that any investigation will tip off the Cardassians, and arranges for Odo to use his shapeshifting abilities to disable the Cardassian sensors. Julian Bashir and Science Officer Lt. Sisko reveals that he was able to negotiate with the wormhole aliens to keep it open and allow ships to pass through.

Gul Dukat, having repaired his sensors, follows the station and discovers the wormhole himself. He later visits the spiritual leader Kai Opaka on Bajor, who shows him the Orb of Prophecy and Change, one of several similar orbs believed to be sent by the Bajoran Prophets.

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Sisko attempts to explain how his kind thrive on their linear existence, but the entities point out that he continues to return to the moment of Jennifer's death. The Cardassians eventually see through the ruse, and prepare for an assault. On Gul Dukat's orders, the Cardassians stop their attack and depart from the sector. Thrilled at the discovery, the two attempt to return through the wormhole but become stuck by some force inside it.

Kira, recognizing the value of the stable wormhole to Bajor's future, orders the staff to move the station close to the wormhole's mouth. Together with Jake and the other survivors, he watches from the escape pod as the Saratoga is destroyed. Sisko looks into the Orb and finds himself reliving the moments when he met Jennifer for the first time. The station had been built by the Cardassians, as Terok Nor, but recently taken over by the Bajorans after a very oppressive occupation of their planet was ended.