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Do you think Deb and Quinn are destined to be together, or should she be with someone else? So is Quinn still in the endgame for Deb? Will it stay that way forever? Sometimes, you have to step away from what you do to an extent to find out more about who you are.

His heart would be even more hurt after discovering it was because she never loved him, leaving him even more broken than before. While in their relationship Lieutenant Angel Batista wanted him to become Sergeant, however Angel was forced to choose differently.

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Even when he tried one final time on their relationship, she politely turned him down again, officially ending things between them for good. For a time Dexter Morgan became his prime interest, much in the same way that Sergeant James Doakes pursued him near the end of Season One and then through the duration of Season Two. He was in a relationship with Jamie Batista. Shoots victim once in the chest.

Deb may look for someone not related to law enforcement or a case, which could be a nice change for her after dating people who are connected to her profession in some way or another. It may also be possible, though, that Deb and Quinn do end up going their separate ways and never really deal with each other in a romantic way again. The difference between Doakes and Quinn however is Quinn's methods.

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If Vince Masuka is the perverted comedian of the series, then Joey Quinn is the wise-cracking, smart-ass of the group. However, after Liddy's death caused Quinn to immediately suspect Dexter when he helped clear his name after finding Liddy's blood on his shoe, Quinn thanked him and finally backed off. Quinn is also shown to be a bad influence on Angel, styleite dating divas as he convinced him to smoke the joint found in Angel's car and they got high on the job.

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