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Instead of hiding thin hair under a hat, you can put on Theradome to repair your hair follicles. In the second month, he began liking what he saw in the mirror.

Theradome emits laser light to the scalp while generating less than one degree Celsius of heat. Theradome delivers the highest dosage of laser light energy currently available on the market. In terms of receding hairlines, singles often go the hat route because they feel self-conscious and will do anything they can to hide thinning hair from a potential date. With the press of a button, you could be on your way to a whole new look and a whole new you.

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Delivering the Highest Dosage of Laser Light Energy

His hair became thicker and fuller, and he credits Theradome for giving him his full head of hair back. Take Eric, for instance, who said he noticed his bald spot in his mids.

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The Theradome even automatically tracks your progress by counting how many times it has been used. Many diverse individuals use Theradome to restore their confidence and their hair in simple at-home treatments. Whether you have thinning hair, a bald spot, or a receding hairline, you can treat your hair loss by using the Theradome device twice a week for a few months.

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The team brainstorms new products, features, and business strategies to get the word out that hair loss can be rectified with the right tools. We all want to be confident, stress-free, and just simply happier. Theradome is a simple and easy solution for people suffering from hair loss. After two weeks of using the helmet every other day, she noticed less hair falling on her bathroom floor.

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Instead of playing pretend, you can start working toward becoming the real deal by investing in your own personal development before you start dating. This hands-free device is perfect for singles who want to regrow hair using private, at-home treatments. This product has revolutionized the hair growth industry, dating the deaf and it can do wonders for your confidence to have that full head of hair back.