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Maybe it's because I was always just an art student myself and entered a lot of contests like the one in the link. Make sure your character balances your friendships with your duties as both a world saver and a student.

Depending on the bonds you have, different Personas affiliated with these tarot cards are available to use in battle. Though I haven't seen how things differ if at all for Art, so maybe there's something there of which I'm not aware. But then Kaz is dressed like more of a runner. Outfit characters with weapons and Persona types by collecting cards at the end of each battle.

New summons, in-game events, and a harder difficulty mode are available to play. You need all of your skills to defeat the evil threatening the world. So yeah, just feels that way to me. Link stories themselves point towards track team.

The game is rated M for blood, language, partial nudity, suggestive themes, and violence. The mention of the special training and it being sword fighting and whatnot.

With the help of your Persona, you must stop the end of the world and save mankind from itself. Enemies grow stronger and more unpredictable the closer you are to the full moon, and some areas of Tartarus are only available during that time. Only you and your teammates fight the Shadows and save humanity from their clutches. By night, you must investigate the mysterious tower called Tartarus, home to creatures called Shadows. Your Persona consists of spirits, gods, demons, and even angels that you summon at will.