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Oman is a sultanate a type of monarchy with a sultan as the head of state and head of government. To do otherwise would be considered rude.

Deaths are similarly marked by gendered use of space, with only men attending the actual burial of a body. Both are served to guests with strong, bitter, and often cardamom-scented coffee. Traditional performers still provide songs and dances at events such as marriages. This is manifested in the seafront whitewashed two- and occasionally three-story residential buildings that line the road along the harbor of Matrah Muscat's sister city. Social Welfare and Change Programs Social welfare is still basically a family and kin network business.

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Symbols of Social Stratification. Love matches are very infrequent, as marriage is viewed more as a contract between two families with the major aim being to produce offspring for the next generation. Social Problems and Control. In the last decades of the twentieth century, a small number of authors published works of fiction and poetry.

This month is also one of celebration and prayer and is followed by two important festivals, one immediately after the period of fasting, Eid-il-Fitr, and one sixty-six days later, Eid -il Adha. She has dedicated her professional career to attracting foreign investment to Latin America and especially Peru, receiving a series of awards for her contribution to the region.

Traditional Omani handicrafts are in decline although periodic attempts are made to encourage their production. He appoints a council of ministers and can dismiss ministers without reason. Civil disobedience is unknown and there is complete respect for the law and state institutions. Traditional herbalists, bonesetters, and exorcists have a thriving practice, especially in the interior of the country.

All Omani Muslims are obliged to fast during Ramadan. Le Cour Grandmaison, Colette.

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Although many nuclear family units reside in single residences, individual family members keep in constant contact with each other through either daily visits or regular telephone calls. The Omani culture owes much to the geography of the country.