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Dating groups in calgary

Nothing too personal - just general things like interests, where they've travelled, that sort of thing. You can attend as many events as you like, provided we can have enough of the other gender who you haven't met previously.

We want to deliver what we promise. There are no ethnic or religious barriers. We will record your birth date only for the purpose of confirming ages to keep the integrity of the events.

We find that whenWe hold events in

We hold events in a cozy venue that is quite private during the events. We find that when we contact people with the disappointing news, they tend to get down on themselves or the other participants. We were the first speed dating company in Calgary and are the longest running in Canada.

It is easier to chat with comfortable friends rather than converse with new people. You do not pay extra to receive your match or matches. If there is any problem, we would suggest to one or the other that they return on a different date. Also, there is no competition with a friend for the same attendees. Upon arrival at an event, you will be asked to provide your driver's licence to confirm birth dates.

All your personal information can remain private and anonymous until you want to take things further. Seeing a room full of people you've met before isn't going to happen. We strive to make everyone's experience enjoyable.

We ask every participant to fill out a short profile. We will not sell or otherwise share your email address with any other company. Decide you're going to go out and do something different and have fun with it.

At least do not attend with friends who have similar tastes as you. The truth is that you can't connect with everyone. Think of the people you sit across from as good conversation and go out on coffee dates. Maybe the right person just wasn't there that night.

Everyone is in this together. Have a tendency to eat pussy, suck on your clit and have you explode with a tremendous orgasm.

We will occasionally text or phone you if we have been unable to reach you by any other means. In the unlikely event that there aren't enough of one gender, we will cancel the event and either refund or credit your money - your choice. Many matches are made at each event.