It's a very insightful book

Dating game secrets for marrying a good man alisa snell

Thus, they do not commit easily to things they have not invested in over a period of time. Anyone from a religious background or not that supports a loving view of God, and adherence to basic moral values, will find Alisa's faith-based principles to be in alignment with theirs.

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It has chapters about how to recognize and avoid men who will manipulate, abuse, or control you. Men like women who have opinions and assert their needs. Women love through sacrifice but need a man to communicate his needs if that sacrifice is to be helpful rather than hurtful or over-responsible. One of the key ideas is to recognize men or women who are emotionally immature.

Women often fall in love with friends. Women enjoy touch, kissing, and affection but feel vulnerable and prone to shame after sexual contact. Women are attracted to strength and confidence. Men are repelled by criticism, nagging, and whining. That is what convinced me to buy the book.

Women would rather have open and honest communication about misdeeds than to be protected from the truth. It makes sense to me and I wish I would have read this when I was a teenager. Now I just need to put what I learned to the test and see if anything comes of it. You should see a big red-brick building on the right. Women like gifts, surprises, reasonable spontaneity, and excitement.

If you have problems with these directions, give us a call. Good men want sex with a woman who feels good about having sex with them and will wait until marriage. Good men are often willing to talk openly and honestly when they feel it will help them or another person.

When you arrive, call or text Alisa at to indicate that you are there and she will come let you in. Men are driven to succeed, face challenges, compete, and conquer.

Engagement to Marriage prepares you for the upcoming issues and blessings of marriage, as well as ensuring sexual satisfaction and emotional fulfillment. It has tips for good habits to start and ideas for each stage of dating. It shows you what to look for early on in dating to avoid the guys who are total jerks.