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Dating castello pipes

The Greatline on the lower right is somewhat unusual for its demure stature. Fiammatas are only available in all smooth models and are usually light colored although some are two tone stained.

It is a beautiful pipe, but I really didn't enjoy smoking it because the mouthpiece felt so thick in my mouth. The production of sculptured pipes is very limited. Switch from large K to small k in an oval.

Marco has a charismatic smile and a natural friendliness about him. Coppo stated that the Flame was an evolution of the classic Epoca finish. If you have a particular collection focus or an area of expertise, we would love to have your help with creating and editing articles. So not surprisingly, some of the best pipes produced today are made in the small factories and workshops scattered throughout the country. One person Franco Coppo grades all Castello pipes.

The Trademark series is used for all the standard numbered shapes of Castello and once in a while an extra large or freestyle Greatline piece. This style of carving consists of a spiral or paneled surface that is smooth and shows the grain unlike an Epoca that is not smooth and generally hides the grain. So, the Castello Philosophy was born. Castello took off and never looked back.

Marco has a charismatic smile

Special Finishes or Nomenclature Perla Nera. We are currently working on a French Translation of Pipedia.

When it was just right for my taste, I re-lit the pipe and now consider it one of my very favorites. There was an Antiquari not Old Antiquari that was also a Hollco import, and was fume top and rusticated. Basic Castello shape numbers are usually included on Trademark pipes, as the only smooth grade that includes shape numbers. No size or grade stampings. Knowledgeable enthusiasts, collectors, pipe makers, and tobacconists are welcome and encouraged to explore and contribute to Pipedia.

Replaced by Great Line, although still used on huge pipes. The shapes were not created by a machine, but by the hands of a master. Carlo outfitted his pipes with Plexiglas, something unfamiliar to men who were quite comfortable with vulcanite. Castello still occasionally put rhinestones in the mouthpieces, just to maintain it's value as a trademark. One of the things that appeals most to me about Castello pipes is their opening.

Coppo stated that the Flame was

Carlo's choice for his company's name was an inspired one. Frank redefined in the minds of many an American what it took to give a pipe a pedigree. Considering how weary I was feeling after flying across the ocean, I was totally sympathetic. It has become an extensive repository of information on tobacco pipes and their makers.

This is the lowest grade of the Castello line. Their air holes inside the pipes and mouthpieces are frequently very close to the dimensions that I have written about in the past. It's a great orginazation. This line is graded, styled and stamped exactly the same as the standard black Sea Rock, except that all Old Sea Rocks are stained brown.