Allergic to cats and general fur

Dandelion dating simulator

You currently have the chance to pick each character as romantic route, but they are usually tied to the mode you choose in the menu. Apparently they knew one another. He seems to have prophetic dreams and an unnatural fast healing. You had to wonder what you were doing in such an idyllic neighborhood.

You needed her to help haul any of your loot back home. Heejung quickly learns that they are not part of her world and is very intrigued yet baffled as to what she has gotten herself into. Meanwhile, they will join forces to revive the swim club. She lives in fear, always trying to gain her moms love and acceptance. You tried to make small talk with the workers, but they were only interested in getting the job done and leaving.

It wasn't a good view, but the man standing on the doorstep didn't look at all familiar. Clearly trying to see if the jibe had been intentional or not.

That would have to wait, though. Bad endings are obtained through wrong choices and lack of hearts from the person of interest.

He fell in with a bad crowd after his wife left him. You fetched up against him, caught off guard as the smell of whiskey and smoke and old leather punched you in the gut. Your lungs froze and you gasped for breath.

Might as well start the day. Somehow, you didn't think Mr. She was pretty in her own way, and swaying gently as she let an empty glass hit the bar with a thump.

You needed her to help haul

Your whole body ached, no matter how often you switched position. Shopping for furniture had always been a guilty pleasure for you. As a reminder, your stomach growled, and the physical reminder of hunger grounded you. You closed and locked the door again, staring down at the plate of brownies in your hands.

You'd need to buy groceries and eat at home soon, but for now you thought you deserved a treat. You quietly sank into the embrace of your hot wings and the drink, the tension seeming to melt away with every bite and sip.

The man behind the counter greeted you warmly almost as soon as you stepped inside. He was clean-cut, and he had a smile that'd charm birds. Upon accepting, a driver finds you and picks you up as he was ordered, but you are forced to wear a blindfold in order to keep the location hidden from your eyes.

Finally, Mat handed you another coffee. But the text language can be chosen between English and Korean. As you dressed while standing over an open suitcase, you mentally went over the list. You sagged on your stool, as if only the force of his gaze had been holding you up. An internet connection is required to play the game.

Heejung quickly learns that they are