This time, there's a long pause

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But when I look back now, I can recognise that I hurt my feelings, not the person. But he is keen to finish his point. The real answer is much more complicated. It is in this very space that Sigur Ros made some of their finest albums. Anything I'd record, I didn't like.

There's a small crowd of friends and musicians and a handful of journalists present in this former swimming pool-turned-recording studio. But this Monday evening in early September is all about the songsmith from Celbridge, Co Kildare, beginning promotional rounds for the release his first album of new material in eight years. Iceland has become something of a home from home for Rice.

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She was not afraid to be honest with me if she didn't like something. That's why sometimes when people bring up the Lisa thing, I am so grateful for everything I experienced with her because I got to learn amazing things.

She was not afraid

When I say asleep, I mean that I was asleep to the fact that I was standing in my own way. So I had all of that conflict going on inside. Anything I'd write, I didn't like.