This shirt comes in many forms

Dads against daughters dating shirt shotgun sights

We show you respect

Maybe it was purchased on a lark or maybe it's a family joke thing where they all look at it and laugh and want to burn the shirt at a campfire. It's just plain nonsensical and not funny. This shirt comes in many forms. We don't have a very appealing acronym for our t-shirt business but we feel pretty good about the messages we're trying to send out girls.

It teaches our girls that dating must be dangerous. It's a real thing too, I saw these shirts for myself with my own left-leaning eyes. We show you that as a woman you're as strong as a man and that you set out the path for who you do or do not fall in love with, not us. We'll show you our relationship and all the good thing and bad things that come with it and you know that you're free to do the same if that's what you choose.

You're a hypocritical asswipe

It suggests our girls are our property. These shirts may be purchased in jest but I'm not sure a five-year-old fully understands that.

Stop treating your daughters like meandering princess lost in the woods. It suggests our girls are delicate flowers who need male protection at all times.

You're a hypocritical asswipe. We show you respect, you dole respect back to us. That, is not for me to dictate. Make sure they know they're strong enough to make choices and that those choices have weight of their own, even before they've come to dear dad asking for his blessing.