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We simply spent too much time on the serious adverse events that have been reported in very rare cases following the vaccine. Couric said that a convocation keynote address she gave inspired her to write the book. Murrow Award for best newscast. Following the show, and in fact before it even aired, there was criticism that the program was too anti-vaccine and anti-science, and in retrospect, some of that criticism was valid. Her first appearance on the network was a Sarah Jessica Parker interview on Nightline.

Couric has also co-hosted the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games. This is a collaboration with People magazine, which also reflects events in the world of news, sports, politics, and major headlines that helped shape the world.

Embassy in the Netherlands and others. During the opening ceremony she suggested, erroneously, that the Dutch use their skates as a normal mode of transportation during wintertime, prompting criticism and bemusement from the U. This illustrates the possibility that a well-known individual can draw attention and support to worthwhile causes.

She pointed out that it irritated Emily when people asked her if she was Katie Couric's sister. Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Lessons From Extraordinary Lives.

Couric has won multiple television reporting awards throughout her career, including the prestigious Peabody Award for her series Confronting Colon Cancer. Couric was the honored guest at the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation fall gala. Couric was the first network anchor on the ground in Port au Prince after the Haiti earthquake. Couric has interviewed many international political figures and celebrities, including presidents Gerald R.

Couric was the honored guest