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Other great sources of vitamin C are kiwi fruit, broccoli and strawberries. Ive changed my drinks to whenever i can to get diet instead. Soy soy More Boost your skin's ability to stay firm as you age by swapping meat for tofu.

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Drink at least eight cups of water every single day, otherwise you'll become dehydrated, and you'll ruin all your other good work. Before you make the same mistake, dig into this list of foods that are sure to leave your feeling full, pampered, and best of all, ageless. It feels so much better than drinking regular soda. The Vitamin D in salmon helps maintain healthy bones and teeth.

Your probably done growing. It will also give you one quarter of your allowance of iron. Get plenty of vitamin C Around one in three women aren't getting enough vitamin C and experts now believe there's a link between vitamin C intake and energy levels. My sister keeps saying I'm not fat and so does my mum but I'm pretty sure they are supposed to say that coz they're family. You know, for when you actually go to a warm-weather destination.

One study even found that eating tomato paste could help against sunburn and sun-related skin aging. Almond Butter almond butter More Although you might already use almond oil in your hair, smearing some almond butter on a piece of Ezekiel bread or an apple could benefit your mane, too.

To get the full skin-boosting benefit, throw your tomato on the grill before eating them. Find it in food such as shellfish, red meat and poultry. The antioxidants found in olives may also help reduce skin damage that can lead to wrinkles and blemishes. Try more seeds Seeds are great energisers. Carbs are fine for breakfast, but you need to ideally balance them with protein for enduring energy.

But more than two or three caffeinated drinks a day may actually sap your energy by disrupting blood sugar. Although research is not yet conclusive, some suggests that soy may help keep wrinkles at bay.

Ive been drinking it for about a year i guess i dont know. As it turns out, though, that mask was a total waste. Oatmeal oatmeal More When hair loss is spurred by a diet that lacks essential vitamins and minerals, oatmeal can help. By skipping breakfast you'll not only deprive your body of calories just when it needs them the most, you'll also slump later. Topping your morning bowl of oats with nuts for additional healthy fats or berries for essential vitamin C can add even more of a nutritional punch.