Chord overstreet dating chris colfer and darren

Chord overstreet dating chris colfer and darren

With his blue eyes, buff bod and sultry voice, he makes the perfect hunky jock on Glee. He apparently spends nearly three hours in the gym and focuses on his chest, abs and triceps and then runs on the treadmill. Overstreet honored his Glee castmate and friend, Cory Monteith, with an original song that he performed in Los Angeles this summer. With Blaine and Kurt dating it would be interesting to have a potential romantic distraction for one or the other of them. Although he craves sweets, he keeps them to a minimum.

With no personal trainer, he keeps his ripped six-pack with his own hard work. He actually originally auditioned for the role of Finn in Glee. He should have auditioned with a better looking director. This actually ties in with what Chris expected Kurt's boyfriend to look like when we talked to him earlier this year. Like his friend, Criss, Overstreet is a man of many instruments.

We'll let the dots connect themselves. He does all of his own exercise and meal preparation and his favorite food is sushi. When not filming, he is intensely focused on his own music, but also takes time to relax. At least then it would've been worth it. Maybe it was Jane Lynch spoiling the secret.

He also dedicated his home run in a celebrity charity softball game to Cory. Harry Shum has been on since practically day one and was only just made a regular. With his naturally-curly hair, amazing voice and kind heart, Gleeks around the world swoon for Criss. And we are so looking forward to Kurt being half of one of the most popular couples in William McKinley. He loves watching sports all day on the weekends and is an avid reader.

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The Glee writers like his Sam character, and have plans to write for him. He is involved in a handful of other charities and recently received Variety's Power of Youth Philanthropy award for his work with The Trevor Project. He has a degree in performance and acting from the University of Michigan.

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And what a dig to Finn that Sam is so similar to him and yet didn't have to be such a jerk to Kurt about his affections. Stick close to his twitter for the latest on this developing story. Although often asked about his sexuality, he always fields the questions very sweetly. Chord is tall and good-looking with straight blond hair and some pouty lips.

Maybe there wasn't chemistry between him and Colfer. Second, there have been tons of hints dropped throughout the season that he might be bisexual.