He is beginningless and eternal

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In Madhya Khanda the Lord

The place was set aglow with the rays of the moon. Krishna is represented in the Indian traditions in many ways, with common features. Sri Caitanya blissfully performed daily pastimes in the waters of the Ganga with all his devotees. Yet another story describes how the Lord once sat on a pile of contaminated cooking pots and used the situation to instruct His mother in philosophy.

Like Vasudeva he conscientiously performed

Nityananda's vyasapuja has been described in Madhya Khanda along with a story of how He was slandered by some faithless atheists. By Their inconceivable potency They are the transcendental, eternal supreme controllers of all. He is the original personality, the greatest mystic, the Supreme Lord, and the greatest devotee of the Vaisnavas. He is the Lord of the entire universe. Those who desire to cross over the dangerous ocean of material existence, yet drown in the ocean of devotional ecstasy, may take shelter of Lord Nityananda.

In Madhya Khanda the Lord breaks Canda Kazi's pride, and manifesting His own spiritual potency, He engages in continuous congregational chanting. Like Vasudeva, he conscientiously performed his spiritual duties.

This is a summary work examining the man-mana bhava-verse, the essence of the Bhagavad-gita. The concluding portion describes the Lord's pastimes as a sannyasi in Nilacala, Orissa. Scholars are of the opinion that Vrindavana Dasa wrote the Chaitanya Bhagavata somewhere in the mids.