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Soon after Ed and their son Josh leave town and move to Arizona to be with them. Novelist Jackie Collins picked Rebecca. The survey asked which character Sam should marry. Hundley said that Sam is portrayed as heroic.

Novelist Jackie Collins

Celebrated personality Zsa Zsa Gabor chose both as Sam's potential partner. The man after Carla is revealed to be Lester Brock, the brother of Earl Brock, who blamed Ed for the murder of his brother. Rebecca chooses Mickey over Sam, who still wants to seduce her.

However, the road to the altar is not an easy one. At the last minute, Sam and Rebecca embrace and kiss. You know, maybe he's smart enough to know that he's saying stupid things in the beginning. Sam returns to the bar, where his friends celebrate his return. Bert is a slick career politician who seems to promise the good life that Carla desires.

Soon after Ed and their

Carla is able to mend fences with her mother, though. Robert Sutton's Gilbert Lewis group meetings for sex addicts, a referral made by Frasier. While Carla and Sadie try to work out their issues, Carla becomes embroiled in a love triangle. In this new position, she later has to prosecute Ed on manslaughter charges for a police drug bust gone wrong. Carla still has feelings for Ed, but she falls in love and nearly marries a football star-turned night club owner Alec Lowndes Roger Hill.

Unbeknownst to Sam, she slept with Frasier, which she does not reveal to Sam. Other people think Cheers is Cheers plus Sam, and Sam is the soul. Price leaves town soon afterwards. Although heartbroken, Sadie does not reveal her daughter's secret.