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During his time there, he saw big puffy clouds, came into contact with an angel and heard beautiful sounds, Huff Post reported. But there are naysayers when it comes to the afterlife. We went on Jordan's server Mineplex.

Everyone that was playing any way. And at the pinnacle of a great hill beyond them is a bright light. He lives in a condo not to far from here. Now that I'm at the hotel all I have to do is check in.

Your review has been posted. As we both walk in the room I put her stuff down and walk to one side of the room as she gets to know the room. Before reawakening, though, he said he was transported to heaven, which had many of his family members and other people he knew, according to Fox News. The one thing I had that he didn't was the Lucky Sword.

Everyone that was playing any wayAnd at the pinnacle of

Well, a Harvard neurosurgeon agrees with this idea. Something beautiful and amazing Crystal McVea died for nine minutes on Dec. As I say that I get a weird feeling in my stomach. Rather, it was heaven, the Post reported.