Canon eos 600d review uk dating

Canon eos 600d review uk dating

Speaking of the front Sub-Command Dial, that is one of my few but notable complaints about the Df.

Detail of Nikon Df and some of its controls. Then turn the lens aperture ring to change the settings. The retro, film-style controls help to encourage a slowing down, a more careful and exacting photo-taking process. You will also then have to match that aperture setting of the lens onto the camera yourself, by turning the from Sub-Command Dial.

While one finger presses the dial release button, another can turn the dial, and you can see the current setting change in the Viewfinder. These are some of the few physical faults with the camera, and while they are not make-or-break, they do affect regular use.

That being said, the Df may be a difficult camera to use for action situations or a wedding or event, where one will need to quickly change the settings on the fly. It is small, and has a hard surface rather than the nice rubberized surface of the rear dial, and can be a bit difficult to turn. This prevents you from having to dig into the menus and change various settings when you switch from portrait shooting to action shooting, for example. While this is not quite the same as making use of a Viewfinder focus screen while you keep your eye on your subject, it is perhaps the best way to achieve accurate manual focus.

The Banks can be quickly accessed through the Information Display screen via the i Button. While you can work in Live View, it does not have video capability. You need to press your finger into it so that it turns without your finger slipping across it, which is uncomfortable due to its hard surface. Not to mention that the camera strap attachment is sort of in the way of where your finger needs to be when using this dial.

But you will quickly get used to it. Customize Command Dials and enable the nearly-hidden Aperture Ring setting which will allow you to use the lens aperture ring rather than the Sub-Command Dial to change the aperture setting. If you wish to emulate a manual film camera, you can make use of the Rangefinder feature of the Df.

But I will say thatThe Df is available in either

It would have been much better if it was perhaps larger, tapered differently, and certainly needs the rubberized surface for comfort and ease of use. There is also a top switch for Release Modes and a rear switch for Metering Modes.

But I will say that even in low light, the Df was able to quickly find and lock focus, such as with the dark, furry face of the cat in the image earlier in this post. The Df is available in either Silver and Black, or all Black.