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This was acknowledged by R. Raven, Old Testament Introduction. It is of further interest to note that none of these amateur critics could cite a source where Metzger explicitly retracted the above statement. Moradfar is an Advanced Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner with a decade of experience.

Such optimism would be unlikely during the Maccabean crisis. She was a queen mother in Assyria and had nothing to do with the building of Babylon. The typical Daniel, critic ignores this point. Babylonian cuneiform documents of the sixth century B.

The term crown-prince, from a Jewish viewpoint, would not have been sufficient. Price, The Monuments and the Old Testament. Two famous Greek historians of the fifth and fourth centuries B.

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Complicating the issues further is the fact that there a number of weighty disagreements within these sources about both details and the order of events during this period. It should also be noted that both names are coupled in prayers on foundation documents. The absence of these calls into question the Maccabean thesis.

One would expect that if the book was written during this time that it would contain a detailed and accurate recounting of the events of this time period. This is hardly an appropriate foil for Antiochus if the book was written for the alleged purpose of encouraging the Jews who were being persecuted by Antiochus.

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The circumstance that oaths were taken in the joint names of Nabonidus and of Belshazzar underlines the latter's authority in the land. Maxwell Miller and John H. We can know that these writers are relying on the lack of historical knowledge by their readers of either era rather than making a correct and precise statement of the available facts at hand. And yet critical scholars such as John J. He was in command in Babylon while his father was absent in Tema, but he was never actually king and could not take the place of the king at the New Year Festival.