And it was entirely my fault

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The Tonight Show with Jay Leno had him booked for the same week. McMullan also said that every British Prime Minister from Margaret Thatcher onwards had cultivated a close relationship with Rupert Murdoch and his senior executives. And I just tried much too hard, and you know I forgot to do basic acting things, like mean it. Made before Four Weddings and a Funeral was released, it captures Mr. The script would usually be written by a foreigner, badly translated into English.

Grant and Curtis saw it

Grant as the clever, versatile character actor he was then becoming, rather than the international dreamboat he is today. Grant and Curtis saw it as an inside joke that the star, due to the parts he played, was assumed to have the personality of the screenwriter, who is known for writing about himself and his own life. That's how good Hugh Grant is at rescuing doomed ventures. This came after Grant accepted a six-figure sum to settle a High Court action. He's become one of those actors who's all shambling self-caricature, from his twinkly crow's feet to the time-lapsed half century it takes him to actually get one of his lines out.

Grant as the clever versatile character

And it was entirely my fault. Though a hit at the box office, it was almost universally panned by critics. He was a star even then, without having done anything. It doesn't hurt anyone particularly.

Grant deftly imbues his character with exactly a perfect blend of charm and nasty calculation. Several critics put his work among the best acting performances of the year.

What's maddening about Grant is that he just never cuts the crap. In doing so, he has blossomed into the rare actor who can play a silver-tongued sleaze with a hidden inner decency.

There was something magical about him. As the rigid yet passionate composer-pianist, Grant has never been funnier or truer. It also temporarily typecast him as the lead character, Charles, a bohemian and debonair bachelor.