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It's been years since I tried it, but threading a bit of metal wire along the lines of a straightened paper clip through the strings at the bridge gives a banjo-type sound. So if you adjust neck angle with the coordinating rods - carefully and conservatively so as to not warp or crack anything - you again will affect the tone to some degree. Instead go for playability and the benefits there can be huge. Crowe always has a tight sound, very compressed and with a strong fundamental, on all his banjos.

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So many variables in a such a simple looking device. The bass improvement was even better on the D.

These are mainly for text tones, however I have access to most sound effects, etc. This type of wood, in all its versions, gives me a dry, tight, compressed, no-frills, yet gutsy and greasy sound that no European maple has ever given me.



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Meaning of course, the bridge now is flat anymore either and the resulting rounded shape becomes harder to finish-sand. What if there were no holes? Maybe that made the wood even better.

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That takes a fair bit of futzen around on the outer sides of the bridge to get the top back to equal thickness along the length of the top. Also, ending up with the actual height a radiused bridge is supposed to come out at is another fair bit of trickery on the workbench with the double radius, yeah, it really is a lot of extra work. Click Clock Wood Its my favorite! Red, those benches were from the boy's locker room.

And sometimes, try as I might, I can't beat the way a good Grover sounds on a particular banjo. Many things effect the performance by far the most impact comes from mass, simple terms here call it weight. You can have tight grain wood thats lite, heavy or inbetween which will effect the performance strongly and predictibly and loose grain the same.

Violin builders are lucky. Generally speaking, I get a better sound using thin bridges, and reducing the amount of wood used. The other banjo I put his bridge on is a Vega Folklore Longneck, to which I added a steel tone hoop, Renaissance head, bone nut and No Knot tail piece. And other builders using Bosnian maple seem to favor the untreated kind, which I tried also, and like. Small differences make a difference as has been mentioned in this thread.

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About the number of grain rings, only important if you want to know if the tree was pre-war or not. Ain't the bluegrass police great? It should not have gaping spaces there.

Jimmy D'Aquisto did a lot of expermentation using the violin as his prototype with his last guitars, and his late bridges are very un-traditional as well. Bart Veerman to evaluate and wanted to give them a test drive before I posted.

Didn't know anybody'd tried it for banjos. Folks like Sivio, Mike, Scott and many others, cell phone tracker for android have managed to come up with bridges that sure make banjos ring loud and proud. As a banjo bridge consumer and one who has paid attention to the ones that do the best job I agree with Red.

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Mike Casey and Broken News. Try using balsa wood a hardwood by definition and see how that resists the wear of strings. This is really a tough open-ended question because it's hard to isolate bridge height from the affect of the material from which the bridge is constructed. Silvio sent me a very good bridge for my archtop that has a rather thin ebony top. Glad you like them, if you really really like them you should find Grant Kirkhope on twitter and tell him how much you love them.

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Please avoid self promotion if it is not well received. But knowing Bart often surprises me, I put one on an old Ball Bearing Mastertone I've never been completely satisfied with.

Red No what you are refering to is the old intonate or not and you are very correct its a case by case thing. This is an interesting topic and I appreciate that Silvio didn't just come out and tell me I was full of bull bleep when I suggested the particular radiused construction was a plus. So can we consider dobro bridges a banjo bridge by-product? Lots of stringed instruments use different woods,-rosewood, spruce etc. Mike, do you want to know what was the first thing my luthier boss told me when he saw some of my first experiments with bridges?

Perhaps the uniform thickness of the ebony across the top has nothing to do with why I like them. Different woods obviously have different tones, but some particular types are used because of traditional availability, location etc. According to him, the holes are there to prevent a direct route from the string to the head.

But he might show up in July, and I'll find out. These are subtle adjustments. Do you already have an account?