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It is revealed that her mother died. Disconsolate, Adrian has sex with Henry. Now there is a rumor she is dating a certain man who goes by the name Alexander G. Madison later tries to date her former supervisor, whom her father discovers lied about his age, and proceeds to kick him out of his home. But Ricky had other plans - he ended up proposing to Amy at their graduation.

He promises to hunt down her husband, who turns out to be dead, and they get married in an elaborate ceremony. She and her husband tell Jack about his new job in Arizona, requiring Jack to find a new place to live to prevent him from relocating during his senior year. At med camp, he and Grace became extremely attracted to one another because of all the time they spent together, and eventually they kissed. After a moment of anger, Cindy shrugs and she and Ruben are married, with Adrian as a witness.

Disconsolate Adrian has sex

Ben's dad and Dylan's parents catch Dylan and her friends smoking pot in Ben's room. Her voice is heard once yelling at Jack when he throws a football into the window. She stays away from Ricky, for benefit of Amy and Ricky, but is told to back down by Amy so that she and Ricky can see if they can try to be a couple.

It is revealed that

She met her second husband at grief counseling. She becomes a great Broadway singer and Jack becomes a coach. Madison lost her virginity to Jack after Adrian and Ben's wedding, but because she and Jack regret having sex, they decide to discontinue any sexual activity. We later learn from Betty that she was very upfront about her profession the first day she introduced herself to Leo, because she was afraid of embarrassing him. Eventually she breaks off the relationship and goes to college in New York, leaving John with Ricky.

Now you must be very sad to hear that she is not up for dating right now. He later proposes to Betty, but she explains that she may still be married to her ex.

He eventually breaks up with Grace and moves in with Tom in Grace's family's guest house, even though he still loves Grace. George is a comically blunt, somewhat immature and often oblivious man, but one who loves his family and tries hard to protect them and keep them together. She moves into Ashley's garage bedroom.