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Token Hoarding became a Big Problem The tokens became a hot item to purchase when Muni announced their fare hikes months in advance. But, if Muni demands e-cash be deducted to make-up the difference, then it's pointless to even consider buying the e-tokens regardless if they have an expiration or not. If Muni continues to sell the e-tokens using Clipper at the same price as an adult fare, the token will die for the consumer. The hoarding of tokens became so bad, ang panahon ng pagdating ng mga amerikano sa there was a shortage of tokens.

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Tokens on Life Support barely More recently, it has quietly disappeared with no more coins in circulation, nor paper tickets produced. Akit's Complaint Department Welcome to Akit.

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Save the Token or Kill it? The token in coin and paper forms is a legal form of payment for passengers, but hardly anyone used it anymore. If Clipper is taking over sales of e-token rides, do they have an expiration?

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