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Moreover, we were the most embarrassed when we debuted. We think we were able to be well exposed because of our name, so we also consider our name with all the workers at the agency included. Lyrically the song speaks of a passionate love between two people that is now dying, and their struggle to rekindle that flame. Meanwhile, I was able to feel the aspect of importance of work as my desire to go on stage became bigger.

She should take more care in what she wears and wear some lipstick too. Not being able to warmly talk to my brother keeps catching onto my thoughts. It was a present to myself for doing well this year. So much hard skin has formed, and our toes have skewed.

On top of that, since we have to dance a lot in high heels, our feet are really ugly. When all is said and done, health is the greatest priority.

She should take more care in

It has come to a sad point where our fingernails, toenails, hair and feet are constantly worked without rest. We were really happy when we received the award, but we were just as burdened with it.

It's notable for featuring a riff played with an accordion by Maya. This time, I tore my posterior cruciate ligament in my knee.

Ever since the Yeonpyeong Island bombing, because of the emergent situation, I heard they barely get any resting time. The girls recently sat down and reflected on their achievements in the past year, check it below.