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The flowers are used in temple offerings. Native to Sri lanka, and red-listed as threatened.

The leaves are bigger than the common curry leaves, and more citron-flavoured. Pulp of thick leaf has medicinal applications. Accumulated coins can be redeemed to, Hungama subscriptions. The first discussion of this in Sri Lanka was sponsored by the Institute of Chemistry, in with Dr. Large shrub, m high, showy flowers.

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Popular as a Bonsai ornamental plant. The Master Collection Hindi. In England Barley seeds were used as a weight, with grains being one ounce.

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Caterpillar growth- Used as an emetic. Thus, excavations in Bata-domba-lena, a rock shelter used by early Homo Sapiens, have yielded Canarium nut residues. This name was given to us by an Ayurveda practitioner. Kahatagahadigiliyya, Khatagahaweva, Kahatagollewa, are in the North-central Pr.

Mukherjee Dar Bou Bengali. The plant Rambi probabaly originated in Java - Indonesia. There are many species of breadfruit. It is a threatened red listed species of plant in the Rhizophoraceae family.

This is a plant introduced to Sti lanka. Miriswatte, Mirisa-vaetiya, Mirrissa are known place names. Early human foragers were present at Batadomba-lena from ca.

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Extraordinary Being English. This was introduced it to Sumatran rubber plants. Ajamoda, Yavanaka, yavani, may imply that the seed is of Greek origin. It grows in the dry hilly parts of Sri lanka, Coleus in Sri lanka. It is a small herb simple stem or with a few branches.

Tea also reduces the level of cholesterol and fat in blood though in small amounts. This is one of the most ancient foods of Asian people. Classical Music for Relaxation English. Besides medicinal value, the crop kills nematodes in land when cultivated.

Title Track Dhamaal Oriya. Ikkayude Shakadam Malayalam. Wiki article The western ban is debatable and partly due to cultural incomprehension, since its role in Africa is similar to that of Cannabis for Asian populations.

Oru Yamandan Premakadha Malayalam. The Sanskrit Naarikera has been adapted to Tamil as Naarikelam but not to any extent in sinhala. Kahatadanda, Kahatagaha aswaedduma, Kahatagas thaenna, kahatapitiya, are found in the central Pr. Shrub may grow to several meters.

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The fiber is used to make a very strong rope. The Sanskrit name may be associated with the presence of whorls of leaves. It is a vegetable introduced to Sri lanka.

Humane Sagar Hit's Songs Oriya. Odia Superhit Film Songs Oriya. Marathi New Songs Marathi. In our view the research is is reltively poorely established.

The seeds of this Okra like plant are scented, and the oil is used in perfumes. Cicer arietinum chick-pea, Bengal gram Important legume crop of the ancient world and modern vegetarian diets. However, the relevance of experiments on rodents is now being reviewed as even carrots and green tea contain small amounts of coumarins. The seeds aere a bit like sooduru, or caraway like. The plant is Used in Homeopathy.

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For example, it is claimed to help increase insulin sensitivity, and suppress obesity. Urban ornamentals have become important in Sri Lanka as their leaf bases may collect water, becoming breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Cajanus indicus Pigeon peas are a very important part of food.

Sunday Observer July report of clinical trial with controls. The plant may well become useful to fight obesity as it is a hunger suppressant. Cucurbita maxima Squash, pumpkin, citrouille etc. The tree can grow ten feet tall. Leaves are nearly stalkless, with hairs on both sides scattered, white, short.

As usual, no adequate double-blind experiments are available in most cases and hence these claims remain unsubstantiated. Instrumental Music for Studying English.

However, see Pictures and discussion. Salake is claimed to be the Sinhala name.

Stotra Sumananjali Marathi. The seeds of Amarantha, esp. Please enter the One Tme Password sent on your Mobile number. Some observations on the liberation of hydrogen cyanide from manioc. Ice Gola Khilavu Kya Marathi.

Rukattana is a large tree, with a white exudate and whorls of simple narrow oblong leaves. The leaf is used as a vegetable. The roots of Taverniera nummularia, and Alysicarpus longifolius, are sweet like liquorice, and are called liquorice in India.

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