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For more information, click on the Information Switch above or click here. The game keeps track of lots of statistics like, games played, number of cleared flights, proxy alerts.

It is not a real simulator but it is close to it it is supposed to be fun as well. This app can Access your Internet connection. Your objective is to direct airplanes to their destinations, to avoid mid-air crashes or proximity alerts and avoiding other stuff that can go wrong. Please note that helicopters and planes have different types of airports. Failing to do that can sometimes result in deadly consequences.

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Planes are fast, but it doesn't glitch! Airport and airplanes are more realistically scaled. We believe in simulating the real-world as it is, because we believe the user is hungry for, and entitled to, the truth. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. No one's rated or reviewed this product yet.

There is only one channel of communication. Emergencies and other random elements add to the challenge. The time period for which the accuracy of that data will persist is beyond our control. This product is completely, unequivically stand-alone! This is probably a fun and challenging puzzle game if you have a standard keyboard.

So don't be fooled by cheap inaccurate imitations. So, the scoring mechanism is such that you begin with points. During this period the player needs to achieve a certain score based on orders given to planes and safe take offs and landings. Play this addictive and adrenaline pumping game of controlling the air traffic.

Davis at atcsimulator cox. Everyone says it's hard, but it's not. Each stage increases in difficulty and brings with it a longer shift with more aircraft to safely land and depart.

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Sexually explicit or offensive language. Other things that increase pressure bar include instructing the plane to take off in tailwind or tower failing to give the plane permission to land or go-around.


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The strips will only correspond with the active traffic in the scenario. The games simulate the job of an air traffic controller. That's why air traffic control is one of the most stressful occupations in the world, and highly respected. Although the sim comes equipped with terminal areas, maybe there is a special area that you would like to control? During gameplay, you can choose either a synthetic pilot voice, the indian economy by sanjeev verma or Real prerecorded concatenated Text-To-Speech voices.

It includes an encyclopedia explaining the equipment and personnel in an airport plus the type of airplanes in the game. Even to this day, Tracon is widely hailed as the best air traffic controller simulation ever made, and this Windows version provides more than enough evidence. You can pick which elements you wish to be included in the printout, and print it to your Windows system printer.

Get Air traffic controller HD - Microsoft Store

Operation mode includes scenario from the old three runway airport and the new four runway airport. This sequel provides more camera angles with higher flexibility.


The scenario player will allow playback in accelerated mode, as well as in reverse. Grab your stuff while you still can. There could be airlines that no longer exist, but did exist at the time of capture. Getting your airspace in order takes a lot of skill. Todays user is intelligent, sophisticated and expects the ultimate in realism, as close as can be achieved.

Advanced skills using other graphic application software is expected, and advanced knowledge of navigation elements is also required. Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating.

Approach, Tower, Ground, Delivery, and Departure. Need more level development. Have you ever wondered who controls the aircrafts and who directs them for proper landing? The main mode is operation mode, where there are two stages for easy, medium and hard difficulty. Summary I would download this game if you're an aviaphile.

You are in charge of the air traffic in a certain sector, making sure that every airplane gets to his destination safely. Players will control the new Chitose airport plus the Chitose Air Base. Even more gates are added in this version. The player can select planes at the top of it or at the flight control selection bar bottom-right during gameplay.