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To delete elements, select them and press Delete. If you're like me, you frequently collaborate with people that are not in your immediate physical location. Saving and Sharing Tips for After Effects. When you open a template project, After Effects creates a new, untitled project based on the template. The format of the template project can be.

This new project will only contain the footage files needed for the project. This does just what you might expect. Compositions are collections of layers. To activate select an item, click its tile in the Flowchart panel.

Often, the creator of a template project locks layers that are to be left unmodified, and leaves layers to be modified unlocked. Maybe you are super organized as you work and dutifully delete every old bit of footage from the project the second you take it out of the comp. You are now an organized Jedi. After Effects will work some magic and then present you with a freshly saved version of the project.

You can not post a blank message. Create a template project. This one is super awesome for sharing parts of a project.

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In that case, you will need to install an older version of After Effects. Regardless, when you start a new project you always save it in it's own folder and name it.

When you render a movie and export it to a container format, you can embed a link to the After Effects project in the container file. The icons have various appearances, depending on the element type, such as layers and compositions. Long story short, you can make your entire project organized in just a few mouse clicks. When you click a composition in the flowchart, it becomes active in the Project panel and the Timeline panel. If the selected element is a footage item or composition, it is deleted from the project and no longer appears in the Timeline and Project panels.


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To open a project, click Open Project and navigate to the location of the project. More likely, you get a lot of rush changes that have to be done yesterday. Save and back up projects in After Effects. Ever end up with multiple sources for the same clip?

Likewise, OneDrive integrates well with Microsoft Office apps. The name of the copy is the name of the original followed by a number. This swiss army knife of commands will go out and find every bit of footage used in the project. You can download it below! This tool will delete one and source them both to the first if the interpret footage settings are the same for both.

Black or light gray lines indicate that the switch is selected, depending on the Brightness setting in the Appearance preferences. To have the program auto-save, you have to set it up.

There are tons of tools for collaborating from afar. This might be my favorite organization feature in After Effects. The context menu associated with the element icon is different from the one that opens from the element name. We'll do a tutorial about how to use these in the future. So where can I find my lost project?

Use this document to learn about Projects types in After Effects. For detailed information on how to use Team Projects for your collaborative workflow, see Working simultaneously in shared video projects. See Template projects and example projects. The project updates are securely tracked in the cloud and the source files are saved locally or in lightweight, shared proxies. Project links embedded in QuickTime, the sims 1 livin large Video for Windows files.

You can share brushes, images, videos, fonts, templates and other assets for a specific project, team, company, or client. Wherever you last saved your project.

If the selected element is a layer, it is deleted from the composition in which it appears. That one catches alot of people. This is the time to create a fresh clean folder for the project. New features in the current version of After Effects that are used in a project are ignored in the project that is saved in the format of the previous version of After Effects.

It is a convenient way to prevent accidental or inappropriate modifications. For more information, see this blog.