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Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Note that the reel carries the friction washer which ties it to the schematic for De Luxe. Notice the post pin is slightly dome shaped while the post pin on the reproduction handle in the background is noticeably flat and is level with the paddle. They can not be used to date reels to a specific month or year unless you have the original shipping record information from the factory.

Earliest lot number I've recorded for C. Again, flat head pillar screws are correct but the spool tension cap does not reflect an oil port. This is a harsh stripper but used carefully, it can do wonders for a reels appearance. It will not leave a stain.

  • If your has a spool with this color arrangement, please contact me so I can record it.
  • Still a very desirable reel, it's not the true first version.
  • Pull small pieces of cotton off the Q-tip and using tweezers, dip it in Acetone and clean those very small and tight areas.
  • This is usually matched to just allow the lure to fall slowly when the reel is in free spool, faster the lure is allowed to drop the wilder and faster the cast will be.
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They make us recognize our own failures in technique, maintenance regimes or choice of balanced tackle and therefore we grow when we learn to accept our shortcomings and adapt to change. For round handle knobs, a mild abrasive wax should do. Email me with questions and I'll be glad to help you. This is a complete package with unmarked Record case with chrome buckle.

Best albie set up from the beach? My good friend, Simon Shimomura, things that can provided me with the lead to the person that owned the reel and we made a deal. Let me make one quick point for the new collectors reading this. Transitional models don't appear very often but when they do collectors are more than happy to add these scarce items to their collection.


It is my hope that this information can be used as a tool to avoid some of the pitfalls associated with collecting. Your reel was made in and is in great condition. The fact that I'm predominately a field collector means I don't have most of the rarest reels but here are a few of my favorites. How many member have you ever met?

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur

Thank you for getting back to me. The black synthetic leather cases came in three styles. Don't know about the bearings. The date is located at the bottom right hand corner of the first page and it will precede the year found on the magazines spine. John Cox of England, knows of one other as well.

Vintage Abu Ambassadeur Reels

  1. And this ebay seller will definately get good feedback!
  2. Accessories for the Abu Garcia D.
  3. This video will show you how.
  4. Pictured below, is a rare version of Record Ambassadeur A.
  5. He wrote back to me and said I may have made a great new discovery!
  6. Mine first version from is here.

Simon Shimomura is author of three books on collectible Ambassadeur reels and is considered an expert and historian of Ambassadeur. Pictured below is a Record Ambassadeur with an extremely rare plain brown cardboard box stamped with the matching serial number. My web page is dedicated to classic-era Ambassadeur only.

Having met this criteria, it would be considered one of the toughest reels to ever obtain. Note the small multi-reels of the Ambassadeur type and the light rods made of fiberglass. It's widely accepted among historians and collectors that is likely the first serial number for an Ambassadeur reel. They are usually found on boxes in the form of an ink stamp, stenciled white sticker or pin holes punched through the cardboard. Who could fail to appreciate the beauty of a Champagne Gold model?

We have become good friends through time and he will always be close to my heart. Accessories include high capacity extra spool, tube with gold parts, cloth bag with gold draw strings, oil bottle, wrench, sterling silver name plate, and paperwork. All cases below appear in chronological order and their dates should be considered very close for the time period offered.

Used in for certain models. Many of the parts inside this example are for Record models. You could certainly fish it as the reels built from the s throughout the s are virtually bullet proof.

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Another element that supports this reel's originality are matching Roman Numeral marks found on the inside of both side plates and frame. Transition is now in full swing. There is no previous numbers entered into the record book. This is a classic example of a reproduction sticker and is not original for reels made in the s.

They were only units apart on the assembly line. Other parts such as those found on brake plates are not discussed. It was only available for the season and dropped from the line after that making it one of the hardest reels to collect.

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ABU Ambassadeur

Millions of Parts From Top Brands. Those delivered to Garcia for the American market were always assembled with chrome plated star drag and small twin knob handle. Recognizing subtle differences in tooling is the key.

These reels had plastic side plates and were made in mind for saltwater fisherman. Pictured is my C with mushroom style take down knobs. End result, you just bought two used side plates! Certain frames can not be swapped simply because of color or width of the frame. Frames can not be swapped without you knowing it due to its version number.

Between Simon and I, we hope to accomplish this through discovery of new serial numbers. Information in this segment does not apply to model numbers higher than C. This is the brown version of the bushing model, or so one might think? They were used from mid into the s.

Where does one start to discuss variations in the Ambassadeur reels? Each individual item would have to carry its own identifying mark so as not to count it twice. Brake plates for original brown are silver. The April date is important. Watch the color instantly come back to life!

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Help - Reel Talk - General - Reel Talk - ORCA

About two years later a clicker was added. This changed sometime around as the earliest C De Luxe models were being made. Using an eye dropper, apply Armor-All onto the paddle and rub it in with a Q-tip. If it does not, the frame is most likely a replacement. No box or papers just a beauty of a reel.

Abu garcia ambassadeur c

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It certainly deserves the title as one of the hardest to find, much like the Record Ambassadeur anodized in green, Record Ambassadeur anodized in black and the left hand retrieve C with grooved rims. Reading and Learning about Ambassadeur beyond this page. The Final Chapter book by Simon Shimomura has a segment that shows all models up to with the majority of their version numbers. On the left side is the mechanical break.

The earliest production for this model was with introduction to the public the following year. As an added precaution, tilt the side plate in a fashion to where the Acetone will always run away from the sticker. Frames are easily cleaned with Acetone and Q-tips just like all other parts. The combination of parts I list by number should be assembled to the reel. You will always use a Q-tip cleaning your parts, so use caution around the edges of your stickers.

Any other number combinations not listed above should give you pause, as the reel may or may not be in original condition. Think this reel will go on display in my den! This too changed and the more common handle part with its oblong shaped hole was used.

Vintage Abu Ambassadeur Reels
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